Finance moves fast, and maintaining records is time-consuming. That is why Ulatus offers transcription services with a focus on clients operating in the financial sector. We are ready to help you create and maintain an accurate text record of your audio or video material so that you can keep up with the demands of the day.

With the explosion of communication methods over the last decade, meetings can be held anytime, anywhere, and on a multitude of audio/visual platforms. Organizing these materials alone is a challenge, but when it becomes necessary to convert them into written documents, the burden can be overwhelming. By entrusting those tasks to Ulatus, you can be certain that, not only will we protect the confidentiality of your information, your records will come back accurate and compliant with your needs and policies.

Additionally, Ulatus offers simultaneous transcription and translation services, so even if your materials are in different or multiple languages, we are ready to work with you to get every word written down and into your preferred language.

Whether commercial banking, asset management, investment banking, insurance, or beyond, our transcription and translation experts are intimately familiar with industry terminology, ensuring that nothing gets missed. With Ulatus, you will have two experts working on your transcript: a transcriptionist and a highly-trained analyst. Together, they will transcribe, review, and perform a quality analysis to provide you with the highest quality possible.

When including translation, we will transcribe your materials using the process described above and then assign one of our experts in the relevant field to handle the translation. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality possible on all fronts, from start to final result.

At Ulatus, we are ready to help you transcribe, translate, and maintain any of your audio/visual materials, from meeting records to communications. Don’t get slowed down by record keeping – let us help you focus on getting and staying ahead.


Discipline Specific Specialized Translators

In-Country, Customized Linguistic Teams With Subject Matter Expertise In International Regulatory Authority

Built-In Proprietary Technology For Accurate Translation

In-House Team Of 150+ Native English Editors And Bilingual Experts

Measurable Analytics To Prove Best Quality-To-Cost Option On The Market

ISO 17100:2015 Certified - Requirements For Translation Services

Working Knowledge Of Multiple CAT Tools Including Proprietary For Purposes Of Optimizing Our Clients' Leveraged Content, Ensuring Quality Consistency And Reducing Costs.

Dedicated Global Project Team Providing 24*7 Support And A True "Customer Experience"

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