How to Improve the Reach of Your Videos?

Video SEO

After a company invests the time and money into creating videos that showcase their products and services, the next step is to implement a strategy to make certain they are reaching as many people across the globe as possible. Because countless videos are uploaded to websites and social media every day, it is possible that the videos are not getting the viewership the company is hoping to achieve. One of the most effective ways to remedy this is to focus on video search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the means to ensuring that videos will be found when people enter a query into a search engine. It is an essential tool to making certain the videos attract viewers, while also helping them rank higher in searches. Ultimately, the objective of video SEO is to make certain that search engine bots can locate the content, recognize it, and index the information to match the search inquiries.

Transcriptions Play a Key Role

Having transcripts of the video plays a huge role in boosting SEO rankings. Transcription involves transferring the vocalized content in the audio and video files into text. Because transcripts bring a textual component to videos, it helps bots to scan the data and gain a more thorough understanding of the video page content. Transcriptions are especially useful when people understand the language that is spoken in the video, but perhaps an accent makes it hard for them to understand what is being said.

Adding transcriptions to videos have several SEO benefits, including:

  • Because the video content will be written out, several new keyword possibilities can be uncovered.
  • Transcriptions can be translated to attract a global audience, significantly adding to the number of people locating the video.
  • Users can more easily search for topics within the video by having access to transcriptions.
  • Transcripts can be used as a basis for other online content, such as blogs, which can be linked to the videos, making them even more searchable.

Subtitles Boost SEO by Attracting International Viewers

Subtitles are translated text lines that appear on screen while the video plays, and they are especially important for viewers who do not speak the language spoken in the video. International viewers will more easily find the videos with their queries if the content includes subtitles.

The main advantage of subtitles for SEO is that they provide another way for search engines to read the video, allowing them to better rank the content based on specific keywords. Think of it this way: A search engine, such as Google, cannot watch a video, but it will recognize the text that is linked to it, such as descriptions, titles, and other keywords. With subtitles, more keywords are embedded into the video, allowing the search engine to identify it.

Additionally, subtitles improve SEO by making the user experience more engaging, boosting the amount of time people spend on watching the videos. There are times when viewers cannot listen to the sound of a video, such as late at night or while on public transportation, so they rely on elements like subtitles to enhance the video experience.

Captions Increase SEO by Keeping Viewers Engaged

Much like transcripts and subtitles, including captions as part of the video will go a long way to increasing SEO. Viewers enjoy reading captions, particularly because the written text gives context to what they are watching. Captions also allow viewers to watch videos in quiet environments, such as a library or an office.

In addition, many social media platforms have auto-play features, which cause videos to automatically start playing when they appear on content feeds. As such, the videos have to be engaging enough to keep the viewers watching them with or without sound; captions will ensure that viewers will continue to look at the videos. The more time they spend on the video, the higher the SEO ranking will be.

With numerous videos about a wide range of topics available to people worldwide, it is vital to implement a strong SEO strategy to attract global viewers. To ensure that videos reach as many people as possible, partner with a language services provider that specializes in multilingual SEO.


After a company invests the time and money into creating videos, the next step is to make sure they have a global reach. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to focus on video search engine optimization (SEO).

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