Thousands of clients today rely on Ulatus for translation to cross borders and break down cultural barriers. Having given words to help them succeed in international markets in multiple languages, this is what just a few of them have to say about us.

Success With Ulatus

BSE success with Ulatus

Bombay Stock Exchange Trusts Ulatus in its "Ease of Doing Business in India" Initiative, and in Inauguration of INX by Indian Prime Minister!

India Infoline success with Ulatus

India Infoline, a $4.5 Billion Global Financial Services Provider, partners with Ulatus to Expand its Global Footprint And Streamline Investor Communication

Client Testimonials

Translation Reviews by Patrick Thorpe, Editor, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

Patrick Thorpe

Editor, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

I very, very much appreciate the effort that went in to localizing this for a North American audience. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.I was impressed with the translators’ economy of words. We only have so much room on a page, and I appreciate that the translation was as concise as it was. It helped us keep the design of the book pretty much the same from the Japanese version to ours.I wanted to thank you for that.

Translation Reviews by Abbott Informatics Asia Pacific Ltd.

Desiree Lui

Abbott Informatics Asia Pacific Ltd.

I have been using Ulatus services regularly for some time now and their quality of work is really good. The style and accuracy with which they translated my various documents was exactly what I expected it to be. I am really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to translate our vision into reality

Translation Reviews by Abbott Informatics Asia Pacific Ltd.


Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Indian Clearing Corporation Limited (ICCL)

The translation successfully transcends regulatory nuances in all languages. We appreciate your service for producing global multilingual versions of our handbook and helping us spread awareness amongst FPIs for investing in India. Overall, we are delighted with your quality and customer care.

Translation Reviews by Christopher Georgakis

Christopher Georgakis

Managing Partner, Argetes Capital

Ulatus has proved to be the ideal language solutions provider for ACP. They took complete onus of localizing our website for China and did an excellent job at it. Ulatus offered us an end-to-end solution that included everything from assigning a project manager who is available 24x7 to integrating their translation management software with our CMS. We are highly impressed with the quality Ulatus has offered making this venture a success. We recommend Ulatus to anyone seeking localization services as their quality and efforts are second to none.

Testimonials by NIH CODA


CODA, Clinical & Omics Data Archive

I used Ulatus web localization service. Right from the start, they were very patient with explaining the website localization process and offering the best solution. They kindly answered my frequent requests, and after sales service was gratifying. Overall, it was a very satisfying service. I hope CODA can use more professional service of Ulatus next time.

Testimonials by SOAS, University of London


University of London

Looking at the quality of the work that was produced, I could not have done any better. I know Japanese and I know linguistics, and looking at the quality of the work that was produced, I feel like I would not have done any better than this.

Testimonials by INX - India International Exchange

INX - India International Exchange

INX aspires to be the world’s leading and diversified international stock exchange. We knew we could trust Ulatus in our mission to communicate the message globally given our pleasant experience working with them in the past. As expected, they delivered excellent quality! Their proactive communication and ability to meet tight deadlines helped us complete necessary preparations before the inauguration by our PM on time. It is always a pleasure to work with Ulatus!

Testimonials by Rick Jimenez, Buyer, Santa Cruz METRO

Rick Jimenez

Buyer, Santa Cruz METRO

The service provided by Ulatus was very professional and quick. I am thoroughly satisfied with the deliverables and would definitely recommend them for any translation and localization requirements.

Translation Reviews by Maulik Bhagat, Managing Director, AArete

Maulik Bhagat

Managing Director, AArete

We had a requirement of adjusting our current website for which we provided Ulatus with access to our CMS and they were able to seamlessly integrate with their translation management system. This automated workflow helped speed up the entire process which in turn reduced our time-to-market. Ulatus adapted the AArete website to UK English perfectly as per our requirements and we will certainly work with them on the localization of the newly designed website into potentially more language pairs such as Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic and possibly others in the future for Europe.

Translation Reviews by Sarah Khan - Account Director, kdm communications

Sarah Khan

Account Director, kdm communications

kdm communications is a full service business-to-business marketing agency with international reach, specializing in life science, technical and medical marketing. One of our life sciences clients has an ongoing requirement for translation of their website content, press releases and product manuals into Japanese. Given their expertise in this area, using native subject matter expert translators, we entrusted Ulatus with this task.

Ulatus has a state-of-the-art Translation Management System through which it has built glossaries and translation memories. This has helped with the accuracy of technical terms, kept consistency across all our projects, and increased our client’s go-to-market speed. This means that every new project becomes more cost efficient. We are happy to collaborate with Ulatus as our translation partner, and are completely satisfied with the quality of its deliverables, as well as the professional and prompt service of the company’s project managers. I would highly recommend Ulatus for all your language and localization needs.

Testimonials by INX - India International Exchange

Tehzeeb Khurana

Creative Director, Climb Media Pvt. Ltd.

Prompt, efficient and super professional are the 3 words that define what Team Crimson stands for. Though I have never met the team, I could trust them from the first few interactions that we had via email. Though they knew very little about the project initially and didn't know how important this project was for us, they never faltered on timelines and delivered the translations as per our satisfaction. They were willing to make changes whenever necessary and guided and supported us through the project. I would highly recommend this Team. Very rare to find this kind of professionalism elsewhere!

Testimonial by Michiru Toda - Senior Associate, Medical Consulting Firm.

Michiru Toda

Senior Associate, Medical Consulting Firm, Tokyo, Japan

I very often use Ulatus’ translation service, probably 5 times a month or more. My assignments always requests translator to have high level pharmaceutical and statistical knowledge. Even though my assignments are high challenged level, Ulatus’ translators assure high level quality. Before I know Ulatus, I have suffered from searching for high-quality translation agency and then spending lots of time for double-checking by myself. After I knew Ulatus, I haven’t had to suffer any more because Ulatus guarantee more than double-check and high qualified translation.

Translation Reviews by Gengo


Social Media Translation

Quality of the translation is up to the mark, they have followed the instruction and tried to deliver the content in a good and understandable way. Translator’s comprehension is good and he/she has translated the text naturally and tried to maintain the tone and voice of original text.

Testimonials by Amy Chang, Manager, Alvogen(Lotus) Technical Services

Amy Chang

Manager, Alvogen (Lotus) Technical Services

Ulatus completed 400,000+ words of translation in 40 business days, all delivered on time; at the same time, the translation quality is also fully achieved to the level required by Alvogen (Lotus). We are happy and satisfied to collaborate with Ulatus. Thank you Ulatus team.

Translation Reviews by Bruce Hoffman

Bruce Hoffman

Vice President of Business Operations, FlightBridgeED

We are a Critical Care Transport and Emergency medicine education company and we approached Ulatus to get two of our books translated from English to Spanish. Our motive was to expand our business in Latin America and in order to successfully do that, we had to work with someone who could seamlessly translate and edit our books to perfection. From the start, Ulatus was very patient and attentive towards our requirements and ensured that they were met. We are confident that we couldn’t have gotten better results than this. The files look great and we are glad to have collaborated with Ulatus. Thank you so much, Ulatus, and all the best!

School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology

School of Physics

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

Apart from the professionalism and efficiency displayed, Ulatus was extremely considerate as well. Though our requirements were complex, Ulatus readily accepted the large volume of work and fulfilled our requests with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm. Their kind efforts definitely helped fetch good results and with the high-quality translated materials, we were able to successfully conduct our International Subject Study Evaluation. There were no loose ends and we could make an announcement regarding the same on our website. We are grateful and there is no way we could have done this any better. To find such a service is very rare and we would highly recommend this! Thank you, Ulatus!

Echo International

Echo International

A Multi-Language Services Provider

Ulatus appeared to be very professional and true experts in pharmaceutical translation. We were extremely impressed by the ability to deliver each milestone in superb quality. It’s a challenge to find true experts in Japanese>English pharmaceutical translations who can handle such a large scope in a limited time.

Testimonials by Willians Ribeiro Mendes

Willians Ribeiro Mendes

UFRN, Brazil

I have used Ulatus' services for the very first time to get my manuscript translated and edited. I am very impressed with the high quality of translation and editing. I will surely use Ulatus’ services in the future.

Testimonials by Livia Fernandes

Livia Fernandes

UFMT, Brazil

I used Ulatus for getting my paper translated and edited; I am very impressed with the high quality of translation done and also intend to use Ulatus’ services in the future.

Testimonial by Florent Chapron - Leading Retail Outlet

Florent Chapron

Leading Retail Outlet, Rennes, France

Ulatus translations were excellent in their support of our multi language business presentation. We required a professional translation for an important presentation and after contacting many translation service companies, Ulatus Company was by far the most professional. They provided us with a superb service from beginning till the end. The translation they delivered to us was of a very high standard, within a short deadline and completed ahead of schedule exceeding all expectations. The customer support team was professional, friendly and efficient and we shall certainly be using Ulatus service again in the future.

Translation Reviews by Patrick Thorpe, Editor, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

Tatiane Schwingel


This was the first time I used Ulatus for getting my paper translated and edited; I am very impressed with the high quality of translation done and also intend to use Ulatus’ services in the future.

Testimonial by Victoria - (Assistant Editor) Leading Medical Publisher.

Victoria (Assistant Editor)

Leading Medical Publisher, Warsaw, Poland

Ulatus has been a valuable partner by creating accurate and fast translation work for academic manuscripts. Where other translation agencies work very literally, Ulatus really understood our tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our print work. We are now able to release great content faster to world scientific community.

Testimonial by Irina Barno - International Hotel Chain.


Marketing Manager, Moscow, Russia

We had an urgent requirement for translating a huge technical manual into English. Ulatus team was quick to provide us a response and they completed the entire project well before the deadline. The translation received great commendation from the project managers in Germany who remarked that the quality was 'exceptional’. We would highly recommend Ulatus for their great service, price and high quality.

Testimonial by Dimitry - Marketing Manager.

Irina Barno

International Hotel Chain, Kiev, Ukraine

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulatus for their excellent service, which has been both speedy and efficient. Should we require any further translations, I am sure that I will be contacting Ulatus.

Testimonial by Kate Carlson - Marketing Manager, Telecom Company, UK

Kate Carlson

Marketing Manager – Telecom Company, London, UK

I have to say that when it comes to deadlines, Ulatus know what they're doing! I'm quick to respond myself… but with these guys I've really met my match. It's a pleasure to work with them. I'm always travelling, but I have to confess that they are always available, whatever time zone I'm in: Ulatus is our first choice of partner for translations of our features documents.

Testimonial by Dr. Hamid Tavangar - leading Scientific Consulting firm

Dr. Hamid Tavangar

Leading Scientific Consulting firm, Middle East Region

Ulatus has really helped me in a tight timeframe on several occasions. I was working on a very tight project and Ulatus’s Translation team was responsive and so timely! Every time I needed a translation they put me right into their schedule and delivered exactly what I needed, and always on time or before my requested deadline. I’ve had some out of the ordinary requests as well and the team has always been able to help out and has really made my job easier.

Raimy Costa Martins, Unipampa

Raimy Costa Martins


It was a great experience working with Ulatus. The quality of translation is top-notch and the content looks flawless in English. I am impressed with the translator's vocabulary and I am grateful for the effort put into translation. Great work, Ulatus!

Universidade de Brasília

Rogerio Santos

Universidade de Brasília

I used Ulatus' translation service to get my documents on clinical science translated from Portuguese to English. They were very patient with explaining the process and attentive to my requirements from the start. It was a very satisfying service overall and would love to use to service again!

 Rodrigo Toloi, Universidade Paulista

Rodrigo Toloi

Universidade Paulista

On receiving the translation, I was very impressed with the quality of work produced. The translator has done an excellent job in incorporating my requests in the document. The review was very helpful as well. Thank you, Ulatus!

Polyana Nunes, UFPE

Polyana Nunes


I am very pleased with the quality of work and the service was very professional and quick. I will definitely recommend them for all translation and localization requirements. It is always a pleasure to work with such a competent team. Thank you for all your help, Ulatus!

Clissia Barboza Da Silva, Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture

Clissia Barboza Da Silva

Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture

This was my first time using Ulatus' translation service and I opted to get my manuscript on life sciences from Portuguese to English. I am impressed with the linguist's expertise in the subject area considering my manuscript is 100% accurate. I am grateful for the effort and I am pleased with Ulatus' ability to perfectly meet my expectations.

M Da Silva Jr, HSPE

M Da Silva Jr

Department Head, HSPE

Ulatus is very professional and a true expert in translation. I am extremely impressed by the translator's ability to deliver such accurate and high-quality translation. It has also been very responsive to my requests, even the ones that come last minute. I am grateful to Ulatus' efforts and sincerity toward my assignments. I will highly recommend this!

Sang Cheol Im - Daegu university

Sang Cheol Im

Daegu university

Excellent quality of translation and good comprehension by the translator. I would like to thank Ulatus for patiently taking my requests into account and following my instructions. I love the flow and structure of my paper and it looks as though the paper was originally written in English. Will definitely recommend this for all translation needs.

Yipei Chen , Chia-Yi Christian Hospital

Yipei Chen

Social Worker, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital

I had requested for translation from Traditional Chinese to English and must say, I am very happy with the English version of my document. The style and accuracy of translation were apt and perfectly matched my requirements. I am really impressed and I would love to recommend this service.

Yu-Xuan Zhang, Dayeh University

Yu-Xuan Zhang

Dayeh University

Ulatus has been wonderful at handling my requirements with Translation. The translators are very skilled and knowledgable and have been ensuring that all my manuscripts remain accurate from the very start. I would like to thank Ulatus for being so sincere and efficient with my assignments.

 Han-Shen Chen

Han-Shen Chen

Professor, Chung Shan Medical University

When it comes to translation and localization services, I wouldn't recommend anything or anyone else. Ulatus has, time and again, proven to be an ideal language solution for my requirements. The quality of translation has been good consistently and at times, surpassed my expectations. It is undoubtedly the best I've used so far. Like I said already, I wouldn't recommend anything else!

Oh-Oka Hitoshi, Kobe Medical Center

Oh-Oka Hitoshi

Doctor, Kobe Medical Center

I am grateful to Ulatus for being able to deliver my manuscript on time. The quality of the translation was good. Translating a document on Urology is certainly not easy but Ulatus has done a good job and I am happy with my overall experience. Thank you, Ulatus!

Akiyoshi Okada, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Akiyoshi Okada

Doctor, Nagoya Institute of Technology

I have used Ulatus' translation service multiple times and I have always been very happy and impressed with the results it delivers. It has always delivered on time while maintaining a good quality of translation. I am highly satisfied with Ulatus and I will continue working with it for all my translation requirements.


Japan-Korea Industrial Technology Co-Operation Fondation

Thank you, Ulatus, for delivering my manuscript on time. You were extremely professional and I am so glad you could accommodate my requests in my assignment. The prices are very reasonable and this service was very convenient as well.


National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry

Good job, Ulatus! I appreciate the expertise and effort put into translating my manuscript. I was very happy to receive my manuscript and see the results. I am looking forward to using this service again soon!

Testimonials by Kadokawa Corporation

Kadokawa Corporation

Despite the challenges inclusive of 200,000 words and time limit, Ulatus overcame all constraints and delivered a high-quality work that stood up to my expectations.

Translation Reviews by UK-based leading investment bank

Ellis Armstrong

UK-based leading investment bank

I was very impressed with the effective project management and since than I have been using this service for the past consecutive 4 years. Not only the UK base coordinates with the Ulatus but also our US office stays connected with them for more work. Their good strategy and planning achieved this most critical work.

Testimonials by Lee Rice

Lee Rice

A multi-national pharmaceutical company

Through their excellent project management system, Ulatus surpassed all my expectations and passed fairly. Given the demands of this project, it was difficult to meet my requirements but Ulatus successfully delivered my work following the timelines and high-quality standards. It is a miracle company.

Translation Reviews by Fukushima Medical University

Fukushima Medical University

Working with Ulatus was the best decision, as we did not have to worry about any issue. We want to thank team Ulatus for giving us their continuous support. They went out of their way to ensure that we are satisfied with the project which impressed us as well as members at the Fukushima Medical University. Thank you all once again for doing a fantastic job on this challenging project and handling it with the same passion as we felt when compiling the book.

Testimonials by Kevin Luke

Kevin Luke

A renowned academic publisher

Only a company with high skills and extensive experience can handle a translation assignment of such sensitivity and complexity. Ulatus paid close attention to all the requirements by investing time and reviewing each request with unwavered focus.



Director, International Client Strategy and Operations, Fortune 20 Healthcare Company

Ulatus has done a lot of translation work for us, which included marketing materials, service and maintenance manuals, software help guides, and tier 1 support troubleshooting guides. They are highly professional and responsive. Their work is of high quality and all deliverables have met our turnaround expectations. In the past, we have used other translation services that returned low quality work after one or two revisions. Ulatus is timely and contextually right from the first time. I would describe Ulatus as a high quality translation partner and will continue to use their language services.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Tatiana Retinskaya

Project Coordinator, Co. Ltd.,Thailand

Our journey with Ulatus began while translation of our company brochure from English to Japanese. The team was very receptive of all our requirements and executed the project in good quality and as per the promised delivery time.We further engaged with Ulatus for translation of multiple operating Instructions manuals for the world’s first fulldome game, ‘Earth Patrol’. Across all projects, the quality of translation and experience of engaging with the Ulatus team was consistent with nothing to complain about. We look forward to working with Ulatus again and recommend Ulatus’s translation services for anyone seeking best quality translation and reliability.

Agnes Vogler

Certified translator –CEO’s Office, Landsbankinn, Iceland

Thank you for the timely delivery of this project. Ulatus’ translation methodology and thorough communication enhanced our overall experience of working with the team. I am happy to see your translator’s comments on the Icelandic place names as I like to highlight any issues I can’t resolve in translations for the customer in the same way! At Landsbankinn, we handle most common business languages in-house but will undoubtedly contact Ulatus again should we need further Japanese translations.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Phil Moore

Sales Director, Grainger Games, U.K.

I wanted a Japanese translator to translate a Haiku poem and contacted Ulatus to avail their Japanese translation services. I have to commend the project management team and the Japanese translators at Ulatus for their appreciation of my personal translation needs and the efficiency, speed and professional manner in which they dealt with it. Their service and personal attention to detail has been fantastic and I would highly recommend this service to anyone for both personal and business translation needs. Thank you so much, this was perfect.

Ms. Mari Takemura

A full-time faculty in a nursing college

Not just in translating, but Ulatus also helped in adjusting to the regulations of the journal submission. Could not have finalized my manuscript like this without Ulatus. Many thanks!

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Andy Clarke

Belonging to a public university

In spite of the short delivery time, the final manuscript was translated with great precision and exactness of the content. It gave me a real moment of satisfaction. Thanking everyone from your team.

Kokusai Kogyo Co., LTD

Kokusai Kogyo Co., LTD

On every occasion, your team responded politely, and I deeply appreciate it. Also, it was so sincere on your part to help with the additional translated sentences.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Chiba Western General Hospital HK customers

We desired a particular style of translation with use of fluent words and good grammar. Ulatus matched our expectation at every step, and there was no mistake. The document was ready before the scheduled delivery date, making it a very good experience.

Yamagata University School of Medicine

I am very pleased with the translation service that Ulatus provided us. They used good English and I am also satisfied with the content of the document. I rate them quite high among the translation companies and would definitely try them again.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo

Really happy and grateful that Ulatus were flexible for our project, as it was on a very short notice. I thank the staff for being helpful and extremely quick with our work.

Aichi Gakuin University

I used translation service level 1 from Ulatus. The translation was very nice and easy to read. Content was presented in a very simple manner. We will definitely use Ulatus again in future.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Kyorin University

The replies from client services were prompt and courteous. Quality of the translation was very high. We have always used service level 3, and are extremely happy with the quality. I highly recommend Ulatus for people who are looking for high quality translation.

Medical Corporation Kai hospital

Translation quality and delivery time of Ulatus was great. It was our first experience, but we will definitely use them again. We are very happy with the turnaround time.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Fujisangyo Co.

Ulatus translated my paper with extreme professionalism and great quality. I would like to thank everyone at Ulatus. Delivery time was so quick and everything went smoothly. We highly recommend Ulatus.

Aino University Occupational Therapy Department

We are pleased with the quality of translation. The translator who worked on our manuscript was quite familiar with the area of expertise and the translation was of high standard. We have used Ulatus in the past and we are very happy with consistency of terminology, quality of the service, and attention to detail. We recommend Ulatus.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Tokyo Gakugei University

We need a very quick response time and received that from Ulatus. We are extremely satisfied with their quality of service. We now get all our translations done by Ulatus.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

It was the first time we used Ulatus and we are very happy.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Takayuki Uematsu

I was satisfied with the quality of the file. The delivery was very fast and as per the promised deadline. I am satisfied.

Miyuki Kondo

I used Ulatus translation service for the first time and was satisfied with the quality of the output. I would definitely use Ulatus for my future translation needs.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Akane Hatanaka

Turnaround and translation quality of Ulatus was great. Everything was prompt and the entire experience was satisfactory.

Akiko Ikeda

Professor - Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing

I am satisfied with the overall quality of translation service provided by you. The translator translated my manuscript without changing the original intended meaning. I will use your translation service in the future if I have any requirements. Thank you.

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