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Results-oriented Analytics

Training and Learning are effort and resource intensive. Hence, it's important to understand how particular learning modules positively affect your workforce. While certain outcomes and business impact can be measured, there is also quality of the course that you should keep an eye on to gauge the quality of your training material. At Ulatus, we enable you to look into your learning modules and to provide the very best in everything.

What should you track?

Time spent on each module

Track what occupies the most time. Optiimize those parts to make the learning experience more fruitful and to get the best ROI on time spent.

Time spent to complete a course

Identify gaps in courses as a whole. Find out which courses are the most time consuming. Make decisions to retain or delete parts to optimize it.

Course completion rates

How many users actually complete a course? Tracking course completion rates is one of the best ways to measure overall effectiveness of a course.

Where learners drop off?

Identify the most difficult or counter-productive parts of your e-learning courses. Where learners drop off is an important statistic to help you improve your course materal.

Test Results

Tests and questionnaires are a good way to measure course retention. Getting test resuts data at a micro and a macro level is a good starting point to measuring course effectiveness.

Geo/ Language wise data

The effectiveness of a course in particular regions or languages can be corrected through appropriate localization if tracked correctly. Data should be tracked to enable comparisons across different demographics.

Meaningful insights that drive learning decisions

Measure data that goes beyond the learning environment. Track how your learning programs directly affect your business.


How has the learning program improved efficiency in the workplace for the learners? By defining clear business outcomes, and tracking them post-course completion, we can measure ROI's.

Time to
Job Impact

How long does it take from the start of the course and from course completion for Job Impact to be noticed? Time taken to show impact helps speculate and improve training intervals and employee retention.


By cumalating data, we can estimate the total impact on business and ROI's . Course analytics can and should be tied to improved revenue or costs saved.

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Case Studies


The world's largest security awareness and simulated phishing platform

The world’s largest security awareness and simulated phishing platform receives complete suite of e-learning courses successfully localized into 33 languages.

Discovery Education
Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Ulatus provided content and subtitle localisation, Video Voiceover, On-screen text creation and translation for more than 100,000 words and 200 videos a month.


E-learning Localization Solutions for Renowned Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute

End-to-end localization (Content Translation + Graphics Localization + Voiceover) from English to Simplified Chinese of an E-learning module on genomics.

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