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Why E-learning Localization?

With changing times, be it digital transformations or lockdowns due to pandemics such as Covid-19, working and learning remotely has become the new normal. Keeping this remote force engaged, tracking their progress and personalizing their training and development needs are some of the challenges that organizations and universities world over are able to cope with thanks to virtual training and E-learning platforms. However, with a globalized force to cater to, and learners preferring to learn in their native language, localizing your E-learning course will go a long way in keeping your learners engaged, motivated and giving them that much needed sense of inclusion.

Ulatus offers you the perfect blend of high quality linguists, localization engineers, multimedia and instructional designers to ensure your E-learning course meets its learning objectives.

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Our E-learning solutions for a complete learning experience

Multimedia & Image Localization

Ulatus offers a host of multimedia localization services including voiceover, dubbing, subtitling, graphics, animation, video editing and desktop publishing.

End-to-End Localization

Ulatus will not only localize the course content and other multimedia elements, but also localize user experience elements and performance support tools such as infographics, mobile apps, eBooks/ Interactive PDF's, How-to-Videos etc.

Integration & Synchronization

Ulatus' localization engineers and instructional designers have hands on experience working with multiple authoring tools and can seamlessly sync all audio-video elements into the final course.

In-context review and Functional Testing

Linguistic and functional accuracy is checked by a native linguist works through the final target course as a learner on different devices and browsers.

Linguistic Assets

As part of our full service offering, Ulatus will create linguistic assets such as glossaries, style guides, and translation memories to bring in robustness in every E-learning project.

Transcreation Services

Ulatus' in-country "Copy Editors" specialize in having the creative ability and 'colorful' perspective to add the necessary 'flavor' to your target language .

Our E-learning localization workflow


A careful assessment of the course content is carried out to understand its structure, layout, types of multimedia elements involved, navigation buttons, supporting documents, file formats, authoring tool and LMS.

Planning &

The right team of linguists and language leads are selected and an e-meeting is scheduled with the client / client’s reviewer to understand stylistic preferences. Style guides, audio guides and glossaries of technical terms are also prepared and finalized.


Translation and proofreading of the content is done by the approved team, in addition to Language Quality Assurance (LQA) when clients don't have any internal reviewers. These files are then delivered to the client for approval before moving onto multimedia localization.


The voiceover transcripts are then finalized for the approved voiceover / dubbing artists. Subtitle (.srt) files are revised based on the finalized scripts. All visual elements, videos, images, on-screen text and graphics will be localized and formatted by graphic and DTP experts keeping in mind the cultural nuances of the target audience.

Integration &

The translated content, voiceover audio files, graphic files, animations and the localized mp4 videos are synched together in the authoring tool to generate a fully localized file for each language.

In-context review and
Functional Testing

A native linguist works through the final target course as a learner on different devices and browsers to check its linguistic and functional accuracy, ensuring all the text requiring translation has been captured and audio and/or subtitles are correctly synced.

Localization solutions for different types of E-learning courses

  • Story or Scenario based courses
  • Rapid E-learning courses
  • Mobile Learning courses
  • Branching Simulations based courses
  • Gamification based courses
  • Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses
  • Health & Safety/Compliance courses
  • Blended E-learning courses
  • Sales/Technical courses

E-learning Authoring Tools

Learning Management Systems

First things first, this is the basic clue that will determine what kind of LMS can help you achieve your goals. There are several ways that an LMS can help a business grow. For example, you might need an LMS for employee onboarding. Actually, this is one of the most common use cases. Several companies decide to use an LMS to support their new employees through their onboarding process. It can help newcomers learn more about your business culture as well as understand standard business procedures, become informed about your products and services, and acquire certain skills so that they are to be able to deliver when they actually get their first projects, etc.

  • Adobe Captivate Prime
  • Docebo
  • SAP Litmos LMS
  • LearnUpon LMS
  • Inquisiq LMS
  • Mindflash
  • iSpring Learn
  • TalentLMS
  • Looop
  • 360Learning Engagement Platform
  • Coassemble
  • CoreAchieve
  • Skillcast LMS
  • EduMe
  • Agylia
  • Moodle
  • Chamilo
  • Open edX
  • Totara Learn
  • Canvas

Our USP's

Automated Workflow

Translations take place over a cloud-based Translation Management Software with linguistic assets built-in such as glossaries, translation memories, and style guides to ensure consistent, high-quality translations.

Multiple Language Translation

Ulatus offers multilingual solutions in 50+ languages across 125+ locales, including middle eastern languages such as Arabic and Hebrew which read from right to left.

Extensive File Format Support

We have added support for a number of file types including but not limited to Flash, Java, HTML, XML, ASP, ASPX, JSON, PPT, FLA, EPS etc.

Pay for the "Delta" Only Moving Forward

We understand that you are constantly updating your courses and adding new content. Thanks to our automated Translation Management System, you only need to pay for what is new.

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Translation Quality

High-quality translations done by in-country subject-matter expert translators ensure you achieve your time-to-market targets.

24x7 Global Support

A dedicated global project management and support team to devote attention 24x7 to your organization's requirements or queries.

What do our clients say?

We've helped many clients create and improve their E-learning experience.
Here's what they have to say about the quality and value we provide.

Case Studies


The world's largest security awareness and simulated phishing platform

The world’s largest security awareness and simulated phishing platform receives complete suite of e-learning courses successfully localized into 33 languages.

Discovery Education
Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Ulatus provided content and subtitle localisation, Video Voiceover, On-screen text creation and translation for more than 100,000 words and 200 videos a month.


E-learning Localization Solutions for Renowned Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute

End-to-end localization (Content Translation + Graphics Localization + Voiceover) from English to Simplified Chinese of an E-learning module on genomics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning translation?

Translating an eLearning course means converting a course from its original language to the target language. In addition to ensuring the accuracy of the text and narration of the target language, we also present the images and a language tone that is culturally acceptable.

How much does eLearning translation cost?

The best way to get an accurate price for your translation project is to fill up our quotation form. Once you fill it, we will give you a consultation free of cost with no obligations.

Why should I choose Ulatus over another eLearning translation company?

We have a team of professional native translators, voiceover specialists, and subject-matter experts. We provide high-quality translations in over 50 languages. We also localize your eLearning materials in all the major languages ensuring quality and agility.

Which e-content authoring tools do you use?

We have a team of interactive multimedia professionals and multilingual publishers who have in-depth experience working with all the major eLearning authoring tools, including Adobe Captivate Prime, iSpring, Docebo, Moodle, Chamilo, and more.

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