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Audio/Video Translation

Translate Directly from Any File

Ulatus’ goal is to put your multimedia into a clear, workable text format. We have the capability to work with an almost limitless variety of audio/visual formats. Simply upload your digital files (at no cost to you), or mail us your media, and you’ll receive a high-quality translation withinyour deadline.

Throughout your project, all parties working on a document will communicate effectively to get translations completed to your specific requirements.

Ulatus has successfully delivered thousands of audio and video scripts of various lengths. We’ll supply text according to your specifications, and we never charge extra for the quality of your file.

Our Audio/Video Translation Team

Ulatus works with a team of linguistic and subject experts who are skilled in understanding your language, your specific accent, and your topic. We will always pair you with a native-speaking translator who has specialized knowledge in your subject area. Our world-class translators have undergone a rigorous recruitment process. All have proven their mastery of language as well as subject expertise. More than 45% of our translators hold PhDs or Master’s degree, and all offer ample experience. At the minimum, they have translattionexperience of 5 years. Our translation team’s average is more than 10 years.

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