Powerful Machine Translation
made for enterprises

Our machine translation engines are perfect for large volumes of text that need near-human like translation.

Accuracy First

Accuracy First

We've tested our Neural Japanese - English machine translations against the biggest brands out there and have consistently shown better outputs.

Security Amplified

Security Amplified

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures your data isn't stored or available to anyone except the intended stakeholders. Safety of your data cannot get better than this.

API-enabled machine translation

API-enabled machine translation

Integrate our APIs to create machine translation solutions that are customized to do exactly what you need.

Secure translation when you need it

Auto-delete data

Auto-delete data after project completion

Your data is permanently deleted on the completion of your project which eliminates the risk of data theft or misuse.

Encryption and Firewall protected

Encryption and Firewall protected

We store your data only in fully encrypted local servers protected firewalls. Our online forms use 256-bit secure encryptions and our APIs are protected by high-grade cyber security measures.

Non-disclosure agreements

Non-disclosure agreements

All legal documentation ensuring that you're not only protected by technology but also by the law is undertaken when you work with us.

ISO certified systems

ISO certified systems

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified awarded for establishing a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) that ensures your trust.

Secure translation
Machine translation solutions with our flexible APIs

Machine translation solutions made easy with our flexible APIs

Dynamically translate your content through our machine translation APIs. Integrate them with your systems and have them custom built or use our neural machine learning technology to train your system for the desired output.

A solution that is
consistently better

Our neural machine translation engine has consistently better outputs when compared to the best in the industry. We've worked with the best linguists for our Japanese and English language pair to ensure outputs that are more accurate then the alternatives.

Machine translation solutions with our flexible APIs

A sneak peak into our
Japanese-English machine translation service

Our neural machine translation systems produce several outputs at once. The system then selects the best
output using several parameters and learnings.

Language Input
Translation System
日本語 (Japanese)
英語 (English)

Systematic training at no cost

We help our clients understand how to use machine translation effectively and train your personnel at no added costs.

Learning from the best

Our engines continue to learn and are guided by the best bilingual experts in the industry. The accuracy of your projects will continue to improve with every assignment.

150,000+ technical terms memorized

Our engines contain translations of over 150,000 technical terms that are specific to various industries. We've achieved this through our experience and innovative technologies.

In-built terminology management

We've integrated our proprietary tool for terminology management into our machine translation engines. This means more accurate translations with fewer quality checks.

Translation Samples

Sample 1

Sample 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is machine translation?

Machine Translation is the process of converting one language into another without changing its meaning, through automated techniques. The automation is usually done by computers that are trained through large volumes of translated texts. At Ulatus, our 15+ years of translation experience has enabled us to create a machine translation engine whose accuracy is close to human translation and competitive with any other machine translation engine available in the market.

What are the benefits of machine translation?

Machine translation, when compared to human translation is considerably cheaper and faster. It can be used to save costs and make translation, an otherwise expensive commodity, more affordable. The accuracy of machine translation is lesser when compared to human translation but the savings on costs and time make it ideal for certain scenarios.

When should I use machine translation?

Machine translation is ideal for large volumes of text when the translated version doesn't require to be precise. It can be used to translate corporate documents for internal purposes, transcriptions etc.

When should I avoid machine translation?

If the translated text is being used for something critical then machine translation should be avoided. Texts that are published for the general public, medical documents or training manuals for critical machinery are examples of when machine translation should be avoided. In a nutshell, although the accuracy of our engine is high, it's better to avoid it for documents that have risks attached.

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