The Advantages of Machine Translation Tools

At Ulatus we're experts in adapting to the client's requirements by providing the latest machine translation tools and corpus such as Moses, KantanMT, Amazon Translate, Systrans, and more. As globalization and interconnectedness have placed more demands on translators with increased work volumes, leveraging these tools has become a core component of the translation process at Ulatus. Such tools increase productivity and aid quick turnaround times, and are indispensable in terms of increased output and market competitiveness. Furthermore, due to the capacity of machine translation tools to hold and store vast terminology bases and glossaries, clients may rest assured that consistency is maintained in large projects, in which there exist a high number of translations and translators for the same documents.

Machine Translation Services

Our Flexibility with Multiple Machine Translation Methods


Rule-Based Machine Translation:

Directed to the creation of dictionaries and grammar programs.


Statistical Machine Translation:

The use of statistical methods based on bilingual text corpora.


Hybrid Machine Translation:

Leverages the advantages of statistical and rule-based translation methodologies.


Neural Machine Translation:

Relatively new approach towards MT based on deep learning.

Out High-Quality Process For The Best Machine Translation Output


Tune your system appropriately, or train with clean, high-quality, domain-specific data for data-driven or hybrid systems


Ensure the source text is well written and, if possible, tuned for translation by MT


Integrate terminology management across source text authoring, MT and translation management systems


Train post-editors in advance


Examine the raw MT output quality


Define the final quality of the information to be post-edited

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We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by
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