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Book translation is the synchronization of meaning and expression across two texts. It demands not only a deep empathy with both the source and target languages, but also a masterful knowledge of the subject matter. Ulatus has collected a team of linguistic and subject experts who can handle all the complex, sustained discussions and multiple overlapping themes a single book encompasses.

Ulatus’s translators will identify intellectually with your thoughts, attitudes, and intentions and precisely communicate these in another language. At the end of every project, we ensure that the author, translator, and reader will all ultimately inhabit an experientially equivalent world.

Our Focus

We aim to communicate the textually embedded arguments and narratives that unify a book’s diverse threads to produce a harmonious whole—just as the original. With every translation, we ensure that your book has:

Consistent Vision
Your attitudes, beliefs, and arguments have a strong core that remains constant

Consistent Voice
Your words feel as though they’re coming from the same person across hundreds of pages.

Logical Flow
Your premise and supporting evidence makes sense and flows clearly.

Cultural Relevance
Your book is so adjusted that it resonates with the culture it’s being translated for.

Book translation case study: Guinness World Records book for Kadokawa Corporation
Translation of Guinness World Records book for Kadokawa Corporation

Ulatus overcame the challenges posed by 200,000+ word translation project by combining great project management skills and a zero tolerance for substandard quality

Our Book Translation Projects

Book on Author
Study of Group Dynamics Approach in Business Management Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Monitoring of Circulation Dynamics Asahikawa Medical College, Japan
Business Administration and Economics Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Teaching Material for a Master's Course National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
Business Management History Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Reproductive Biology for Students Tokyo University, Japan
Thermophiles in Environmental Biotechnology Kyushu University, Japan
Theories of Biology National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
Japanese Perspective on Regional Development Factors Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Modern Economics Waseda University, Japan
Care of Foreign Domestic Workers (Focus on Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore) Kyoto University, Japan
India’s Economic Growth Tokyo University, Japan
Handbook for a Music School Kunitachi College of Music
Software protocol guide Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
Company manuals on Engineering AINEX Co., Ltd
Business Administration and Economics Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University
Monitoring of circulation dynamics Asahikawa Medical college
Teaching material for a Master's course National Museum of Ethnology
Business management history Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University
Reproductive biology for students Tokyo University
Japanese Perspective on Regional Development Factors Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University
Syllabus of the International Relations Department of the University Asian University
Modern economics which criticizes modern economics. Waseda University
Government policies and sociocultural, economic, skills development issues of foreign domestic workers in the care supply system, with special focus on three countries in East Asia--Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Kyoto University
India’s economic growth Tokyo University
Thermophiles in Environmental Biotechnology Kyushu University
Possibility of sharing and commitment: Suggestion by forest use and management Tokyo University Press
Radical critique of modern economics Individual reseacher from National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Behaviour of the rats in laboratory Individual researcher from Osaka University
Understanding the electric energy structure of semiconductors and organic dyes Individual researcher from Osaka University
Explosions, gaseous detonations, their nature, effects and control, classifications of explosions, and detonations Individual professor from National Institute of Advanced
The Historical and Religious Background of Meat Consumption in Japan SEICHO-NO-IE International Headquarters
A Therapist Guide for Family-Based Treatment for Young Children with OCD Oxford University
Fukushima: Lives on the Line - A compendium of reports from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fukushima Prefecture and Fukushima medical college
International political developments after the end of the Cold War and its impacts on the response of the USA to the (2014) turmoil in Syria Individual researcher
Guinness World Records 2012 Kadokawa Corporation

….many more

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Our Book Translation Team

Many of the book projects handled by Ulatus require a very detailed, specialized knowledge of the field being discussed, often at an expert level. Hence, our translators necessarily hold a diverse skill set: professional translation skills coupled with subject-matter expertise.

Our book translators are language experts who, in addition to possessing the skill of communicating meaning from one language to another, also possess the craft of writing and the art of stylizing. They are supported by native language editors who then polish the translated text to ensure a tonal and thematic consistency throughout the length of the work.

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Our Book Translation Process

Since no two books are identical, translation requires dynamic processes that are specifically formulated for a particular text. We have well-established systems to ensure accuracy. Every book translation is inspected by a second pair of eyes to check for a constant vision that runs through the book in terms of the attitudes and beliefs being communicated, a consistent voice that mirrors the author’s intentions and tone, a logical flow in the unfolding of the argument or narrative, and a cultural relevance that situates the book in the target readership’s milieu. Our translation processes are flexible enough to accommodate any additional stages essential to enhance accuracy and reliability. What’s more: We are also ISO-certified, ensuring that all of your book translation projects meet the most uncompromising quality standards.

The final result is a book that reads fluently from the first page to the last.

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