increase in revenue for each country added via app localization.


billion - Worldwide app revenues expected in 2020 from $51 billion in 2016


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App Localization

Have a smartphone app?
Get 128% More Downloads After Localizing Your App!

Think your app would also be successful in a different country? Then why wait? Ulatus' Android and iOS app localization service helps you succeed in every aspect.

Over 5 million apps exist on Android and iOS mobile stores today. The average smartphone user uses over 30 apps per month and spends close to 2 hours a day surfing through the plethora of options available to him. Quite staggering isn't it! And with only 20% of the world’s population knowing English, App localization plays a key role in rolling out customer retention and engagement strategies considering the extent to which Apps are now being used for decision making every step of the way.

App Localization

Ulatus understands these aspects well and helps organizations fulfill their localization and culturalization aspirations through our App Localization services. Ulatus will localize not just your UI but also your app name and update your app store metadata, such as your app description, keywords, and screenshots which will improve your visibility in the app store and help boost your sales by over 30%.


of users install at least one app every month. Having your app localized increases the number of times it’s installed.


hours to be spent in Apps by 2021. Your app time will only increase if the user finds the language in which he/she understands.

Our Solutions to Localize Your App

Free Github Integration

Free Github Integration

Our Translation Management Software - Git connector provides advanced features which allow for a more effective continuous app localization of code.

Metadata Translation

Metadata Translation

Localization of the UI alone is not sufficient. To help you gain true visibility, Ulatus will translate your App metadata such as the App Title, App Description, What’s New, Keywords, Images and Videos.

App Store Optimization (ASO) services

App Store Optimization

To help you get the attention your App deserves, Ulatus offers App store optimization (ASO) services through using localized Keywords in the App descriptions and App titles in over 10 languages.

On Device Testing Services

On Device Testing

Send us your .IPA /.APK files or localized screenshots and our professional checkers will perform a full linguistic testing to ensure there are no incorrect line-breaks, layout and contextual issues.

Audio & Video Localization Services

Audio & Video Localization

Ulatus provides a range of professional audio & video localization services which includes transcription, voice-over and subtitling services for a wholesome app localization.

Free Pseudolocalization

Free Pseudolocalization

We will first load your resource file with machine-translated text for you to test the flexibility (expansion/contraction of words) of your original design before we start with the localization process.

Our USPs

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Translations take place over a secured cloud based Translation Management Software with inbuilt glossaries and Translation Memory software providing you with consistent and high quality translations.

Multiple Language Translation

Multiple Language Translation

We offer translation services in 50+ languages to enterprises across 125+ locales worldwide.

Assured Translation Quality

Assured Translation Quality

High Quality Translations done by Native Translators delivered as fast as 4-6 working days.

app localization services
Pay For Only What's New

Pay For Only What's New

We understand that you are constantly updating the app and adding new features. Thanks to our automated Translation Management System, you only need to pay for the new strings.

Save Money Across Platforms

Save Money Across Platforms

If you have an app on multiple platforms, our TMS will automatically detect strings that have already been translated for other platforms, so you don't need to pay for them again.

Customer servicing teams providing 24x7 support

24x7 Support

A dedicated team of project management and customer servicing teams providing 24x7 support for any requirements or queries.

Our Team of Experts

We are an ISO-certified company (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013) with stringent quality and information management processes in place. We carefully handpick our translators and regularly assess their performance to assure exceptional quality.

English to Japanese translator
English to Simplified Chinese Translator
Japanese to English Translator
Portuguese to English translator
Professional finance translator
Traditional Chinese to English Translator

Clients & Testimonials

We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by
our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find translators to localize my iOS app?

To create a significant footprint on the global market, you must get your iOS app localized into the languages of all potential customers. Get Ulatus' iOS app localization service to translate the app instructions and user guide into the preferred languages in the intended market & gain 128% more downloads.

What is the best way to get an app localized and launched in several countries?

Ulatus’ app localization services translate apps in 50+ languages across 125+ locations worldwide to give your app the maximum visibility globally and increase your customer base substantially.

Is there any company providing app localization services besided translations?

Translation is simply one segment of app localization. Ulatus' localization service also includes app store optimization, on device testing, audio & video localization, and plenty more. Ulatus continually helps organizations fulfill their localization and culturalization aspirations through its high-quality app localization services.

What's the average cost of localizing a mobile app?

The fastest way to find the average cost for your mobile application localization is to fill our brief quotation form. Once you submit the form, within 1 hour, we will give you a consultation absolutely free of charge with no obligations whatsoever.

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