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Turkey, as the most eastern country in Europe and western country in the Middle East, offers promising opportunities for companies embarking into international markets. With an open and steady economy, Turkey is presently the fastest growing market and among the world’s newly industrialized countries. Hence, expanding into the Turkish market by localizing the business is a sensible endeavor for growth.

Performing English to Turkish translations can be tough as it requires taking into account factors like dialect and regional differences. Ulatus, a leader in Turkish translation services, with its large linguistic team of native translators is well-versed with cultural sensitivities and regional peculiarities. As Turkish is rich with symbols, traditions, and cultural rules, Ulatus assures that special attention is given to these cultural nuances.


Our team of qualified translators, all subject-matter experts in their fields, holds the expertise to produce a text that achieves dynamic equivalence in the target language. With our uncompromising quality-control standards; fast, reliable, and natural-sounding Turkish-English translations will be achieved.

We will help you increase your presence in the international market and reach new customers by offering accurate translation and localization of content. Whether you are translating one document or an entire website, we will assist you to successfully convey your brand image to Turkish-speaking markets.

Different Services To Suit Your Needs

Ulatus offers three service levels to cater to your quality requirements.

Translation Only

Language translation by bilingual subject expert

Translation + Cross Check

Cross-check against original document by a second translator

Translation + Cross Check + Review

Review by a native English editor to polish and perfect writing style

The Ulatus Advantage

Built-in proprietary technology for accurate translation

ISO 17100:2015 (Requirements for translation services) certified

Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

Our Linguists – Our Assets

We ensure your documents are translated accurately

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