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Our USPs

Ulatus is your one-stop localization solution, relying on the most efficient structure and equipment to guarantee 100% quality

Workflow and Automation Solutions

Automated Workflow

Translations take place over a cloud-based Translation Management Software with linguistic assets built-in such as glossaries, translation memories, and style guides to ensure consistent, high-quality translations

Translation Services for Financial Sectors

Pay for the "Delta" Only Moving Forward

We understand that you are constantly updating your solutions and adding new content. Thanks to our automated Translation Management System, you only need to pay for what is new.

Multiple Language Translation Services

Multiple Language Translation

Ulatus offers multilingual solutions in 50+ languages across 125+ locales

ISO Certified Translation Quality

ISO Certified Translation Quality

High-quality translations done by in-country subject-matter expert translators ensure you achieve your time-to-market targets.

Various file types that are used for software localization

Various Platform Support

Some of the Platforms that we support: PC, Mac & Linux, Sony PlayStation 3 & 4, Microsoft Xbox 360 & Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Virtual Reality headsets, Online: casual, downloadable & MMO games, Handheld: 2DS, DSi, 3DS, iPad, Sony PlayStation Vita, Mobile handsets: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

24x7 Dedicated Localization Manager

24x7 Global Support

A dedicated global project management and support team to devote attention 24x7 to your organization's requirements or queries.

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Our Team of Experts

Our team is comprised of professionally qualified native translators.

We only work with professionally qualified native translators with superb language skills and technical expertise. Most of our translators hold Master’s or PhDs and have detailed knowledge of current developments in their subjects which makes them adept at handling demanding, technical vocabulary. Ulatus enables you to speak to highly educated academic and technical audiences in fluent, confident language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an exact price for my gaming solution?

The best way to get an accurate price for your gaming solution is to fill up our quotation form. Once you fill it, we will give you a consultation absolutely free of cost with no obligations.

What is the purpose of localizing a game?

Localization gives your games a look and feel that is unique to the target market. Both linguistic and cultural factors come into play. Since online gamers worldwide log in, having a localized game means a broader audience, more players, and more sales.

How does game localization work?

The localization process is about a lot more than just translating a game’s text. It also involves quality assurance, testing the integration of the translated text into the game, and adapting the text to the requirements of specific regions.

How to hire game testers?

Like other game professionals, game testers can be hired in several ways: freelancing, in-house, or outsourcing. If you don’t have your own development team, and a third-party team is creating the game, then the best way to test the game is to ask the same team to test the finished game. If the team does not have a quality assurance department, then the optimal option is an outsourcing game testing agency with experts who specialize in games and have extensive experience in different types of quality assurance.

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