of the internet’s three billion users do not speak English


increase in revenue for each country added


ROI for cost of software localization


consumers insist that language is more important than price

Software localization services for global Audience

Localizing your software product to several languages can increase user reach in many countries, ultimately resulting in earning an International reputation and gaining more competitive advantages. Ulatus helps companies adapt their software for use in countries around the globe. We understand the aspects of an effective localization and our process ensures that your software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. We will localize your User Interface and update your software metadata into 50+ languages to improve your visibility and sales.

As per market research, Global Software Market was valued at USD 547.2 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 872.72 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of more than 7.20% over the forecast period (2022-2028).

Software Localization

Our Software Localization Services

We manage a wide variety of solutions, thanks to our team of experts who handle an optimal set of tools


Ulatus offers pseudo-localization and software refactoring services which identify internationalization issues in the source code. Necessary changes are then implemented to ensure your internationalized code can optimally handle varying number formats, dates, currencies, text truncations, fonts, etc.

Continuous Localization At No Additional Costs

Bitbucket and Git (GitLab, GitHub, Git) users can enjoy the benefits of continuous localization made possible with our advanced REST APIs which integrate your repositories with our translation management system.

Not Just GUI Text

To gain true visibility amongst your international consumers, localization of the GUI text alone is not sufficient. Apart from GUI/UI text, Ulatus will localize alert messages, dialog boxes, menus, online help and user guides, instructions and training manuals, and other marketing collaterals.

Linguistic Assets

As part of our full service offering, Ulatus will build linguistic assets such glossaries, style guides, and translation memories which are the key to the continuous evolution of the overall quality of all your software localization initiatives.

Audio & Video Localization

Ulatus provides a range of professional audio and video localization services which includes transcription, voice-over, and subtitling services for a wholesome software experience.

Localization/Functional Testing

With the help of our Linguistic QA tool, Ulatus performs a fully in-context language test using an actual running version of the software to fix any linguistic, cosmetic, and functional errors.

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Our USPs

Ulatus is your one-stop localization solution, relying on the most efficient structure and equipment to guarantee 100% quality

Workflow and Automation Solutions

Automated Workflow

Translations take place over a cloud-based Translation Management Software with linguistic assets built-in such as glossaries, translation memories, and style guides to ensure consistent, high-quality translations

Translation Services for Financial Sectors

Pay for the "Delta" Only Moving Forward

We understand that you are constantly updating your solutions and adding new content. Thanks to our automated Translation Management System, you only need to pay for what is new.

Multiple Language Translation Services

Multiple Language Translation

Ulatus offers multilingual solutions in 50+ languages across 125+ locales

ISO Certified Translation Quality

ISO Certified Translation Quality

High-quality translations done by in-country subject-matter expert translators ensure you achieve your time-to-market targets.

Various file types that are used for software localization

Extensive Resource File Support

We have added support for a number of file types that are used for software localization including but not limited to .htm, .html, .json, .lang, .Plist, .po, .properties, (Java).properties, .rc, .resx, .srt, .strings, .sbv, .sub, .ts, .txt, .wiki, .yaml

24x7 Dedicated Localization Manager

24x7 Global Support

A dedicated global project management and support team to devote attention 24x7 to your organization's requirements or queries.

Localize your software to capture the global market valued at $500 billion

The progressiveness of emerging technologies such as social media, mobility, analytics, AI, and cloud (SMAC) are driving the software industry to grow across numerous industry verticals such as healthcare, banking, financial services, etc.

Be it cloud, mobile or desktop applications, Ulatus’ holistic software localization service is equipped with internationalization, localization, and testing professionals and an "agile" translation management system which will help you achieve your time-to-market and Globalization goals.

Our Team of Experts

Our team is comprised of professionally qualified native translators.

We only work with professionally qualified native translators with superb language skills and technical expertise. Most of our translators hold Master’s or PhDs and have detailed knowledge of current developments in their subjects which makes them adept at handling demanding, technical vocabulary. Ulatus enables you to speak to highly educated academic and technical audiences in fluent, confident language.

Clients & Testimonials

We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

Case Study

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health

One of the world's largest companies effectively implements an adaptive localization project consisting of more than 90,000 words.

  • Service: Adaptive localization services, including software localization, translation verification testing, and FrameMaker formatting
  • Translation Level: English to Spanish (Latin American)
  • Industry: Radiology/Imaging
  • Volume: 90,000 + words

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Software Localization Services expensive?

How expensive your assignment is depends on a lot of factors such as size of your manuscript, technical expertise needed, sensitivity of the document etc. Based on your budget, our experts will consult you thoroughly and provide you with the options that give you the most value.

Why should I choose Ulatus over another software translation company?

We're one of the few companies to be ISO 17100 for Translation Services Certifies. We're a trusted name worldwide for our Software localization Services and have over 1,000 clients  who have used software translation services.

How do I get an exact price for my Software Localization Services ?

The best way to get an accurate price for your Software Localization project is to fill up our quotation form. Once you fill it we will give you a consultation absolutely free of costs with no obligations.

What character encoding should be used for software files in software translation service?

We recommend encoding the supports languages typically in a form of Unicode. Software strings are often encoded using UTF-8 or UTF-16 in software translation service.

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