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CAT ToolsTools that Improve Speed and Cost-Efficiency

Ulatus has integrated state-of-the-art CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools into our rigorous human translation processes. This exclusive software assists translators in generating high-quality documents with speed.

CAT tools are extremely useful in performing mechanical/supportive tasks such as parsing the source text into meaningful units to be translated. They also help our translators create standardized terminology databases and/or make the most of already existing glossaries to employ a consistent style throughout your document. CAT tools are ideal for high-volume projects as well as technical documents such as user manuals that have reprints, revised editions, and those that require faster turnaround times.

Advantages of CAT

Time saving

Timelines are shortened and productivity increased by having some sections of your document either fully or partially pre-translated.

Cost saving

Computerized assistance saves time and reduces workloads, thereby resulting in a cost benefit that is passed on to clients.

Quality control

Your translation will be double-checked for accuracy, right down to correct punctuation and the proper conversion of numbers and tags, etc.

Adherence to Consistency

Our software allows translators to rely on tools such as terminology databases to ensure consistent language throughout your document.

Large Volumes in High Quality

Computer-aided translation permits our translators to work through huge bodies of work quickly and accurately.

Ulatus CAT Tools

We employ a variety of CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Memsource, Wordfast, Systran, and Déjà vu X, and thus cover a wide range of file formats. Combined with our in-house, customized editing tools and translation-specific communication forums, we consistently deliver high-quality translations and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Translating 2.6 Million+ Characters for a Pharmaceutical Project

The project required smooth integration of human translation and translation software for meeting project timelines and delivering high-quality translation

Automated WorkflowSoftware that Streamlines the Process

Ulatus’ Automated Workflow System is our state-of-the-art proprietary software that manages your project from start to finish. With minimal to no human intervention, it coordinates activities, making our process effective and transparent. It improves communication, reduces errors, and makes everything more efficient.

Regardless of what translation service level you opt for, the software is smart enough to move your project forward to the next level through completion, while keeping all parties informed through a customized user interface and automated emails. You can monitor your project from beginning to end with live updates at every stage.

Advantages of our Automated Workflow Process

This unique application allows clients to complete projects with effortless ease.

  • Project workflow is automated from inquiry to delivery, resulting in no errors.
  • There is no exchange of files through emails, thus enhancing file security.
  • The software is totally customizable, allowing you to effortlessly explain your project requirements.
  • It allows you the option of choosing translators at the start of the project.
  • It also facilitates your ability to monitor project status at every stage.
  • Automatic emails communicate progress at every step.
  • You can also keep track of all past projects, thus providing a snapshot of your budgets.
  • You also have access to invoices, generated automatically by the software.


ulatusCommunicateA Platform to Connect in Real Time

ulatusCommunicate is a customized forum designed to empower clients to communicate effectively to get projects completed to their own specific requirements. This powerful platform facilitates interaction among all the professionals and experts working on your document. It allows knowledge-sharing in real time, ensuring consistent and intensive involvement of our team members throughout the translation and editing processes. This continuous interaction across time zones ensures the optimal use of our team’s strengths, resources, and expertise, leading to the delivery of thorough, high-quality documents without compromising on speed.

Advantages of ulatusCommunicate

This exclusive user-interface software helps users achieve the following:

  • Prompt clarification of doubts/queries during the translation process
  • Contextual knowledge sharing
  • Ease of communication
  • Uniformity in understanding


ulatusCommunicate is a testament to our unwavering commitment to handling your document with the utmost attention and care through all the stages in the translation and editing process.

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