Translation without technology is inefficient. We've worked with the best translators across the globe to combine language and technology for faster and more accurate translations. Our proprietary software and translation management systems have benefited some of the largest names across industries as well as smaller companies, by lowering costs and improving turnaround times.

We're also one of the very few translation companies to develop its own machine translation and English editing engines. At Ulatus, our mission is to bring the best available in technology to translation in an effort to serve our clients better.

Our Technology Solutions

Technology that helps you achieve the best ROI.

Machine Translation Engine

Ulatus' proprietary and self-managed AI-Machine Translation Engines are perfect for large volumes of text that need near-human like translation. Our translation engines are built and managed by us. This means that we control the safety of your data and the accuracy of the translation. We provide APIs to create machine translation solutions that are customized to do exactly what you need.

Ulatus Customer Portal

Our in-house customer portal provides you with complete control of your translation needs. You can get instant quotes for your projects with deadlines, a secure environment to exchange files, and an interactive dashboard that helps you monitor the project, create reports, download completed files, make payments, and access invoices at any time.

Translation Management System (TMS)

Ulatus' TMS helps you manage the entire translation project by offering multiple features to make the entire process seamless and efficient. With this, you can reduce repetitive work through translation memories, reflect approved terminology on a real-time basis, suggest past reviewed translations to maintain consistency, and ensure optimal review workflows with our quality assurance feature.

Trinka AI

Trinka AI, entirely developed by us is an online grammar checker for technical documents. It performs 3000+ grammar checks, tone and style enhancements, offers advanced writing tips, and works on all subjects to provide you with an error-free document.

GlossaryX360 Multilingual Terminology Tool

Our GlossaryX360 is a powerful multilingual terminology tool developed by us with 150,000+ terms and 10+ languages. This proprietary technology automatically applies the foreign language terminology to your documents based on your specific domain. This is particularly useful for highly technical documents, such as those related to Pharmaceuticals, Technology, or other science and social studies.

Computer Assisted Tools (CAT)

Ulatus’ CAT tool empowers translators to deliver accurate and high-quality translations while reducing the time spent on each project through a simplified process. It helps you store translation memories, term bases, etc. for future translation accuracy, integrates the client platform to ingest content, reduces repetitive work, and offers multiple other features to provide you with high-quality translation.

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We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions, as aptly reflected by our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

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