• C. P. - Bachelor of Chinese Language & Literature

     1/5Ulatus is one of the most professional translation companies I have ever worked with. Payments are on time, and daily interactions are always to-the-point and efficient. The project managers are willing to go the extra mile to find solutions that work for everyone involved in a project. I would like to extend my gratitude for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Ulatus—translation is only half of what needs to be done in a project, rest is the wonder of the Project Managers!

    C. P. Bachelor of Chinese Language & Literature, 12 years Exp.
  • PhD in Muscle Biology

     2/5I started freelance work with Project Management Team (PMT) Ulatus since November 2014. Most of the assignments allocated to me suit my expertise and subject area. The feedback mechanism is efficiently operated by the members of the team in terms of my queries and requests. Once the payment procedure is established, the assignment fees are accurately deposited in my bank account. The team members manage the work well and maintain consistency and flexibility...

    T. K. PhD in Muscle Biology 43 years Exp.
  • A. T. - MA in Philosophy

     3/5I feel people in this firm are very attentive and supportive, although our partnership is just a year old.

    A. T. MA in Philosophy, 30 years Exp.
  • S. F. - MS in Engineering

     4/5Since Ulatus has given me assignments in my expertise, all of my pre-acquired knowledge and experience contribute to the translation assignments I receive from Ulatus. I also acquire new knowledge from each assignment, which can be used for translation in the future.

    S. F. MS in Engineering, 27 years Exp.
  • H. J. - PhD in Psychology

     5/5The two things I appreciate about working with Ulatus are
    1) The desired style, target readers, intended use, etc. of the translation are specified in the beginning. These are crucial in translation, yet, in fact, not many translation agencies specify them at the beginning of a job. Ulatus does! 2) Feedback for translations already completed is provided to the translators who worked on them. This is very helpful for their improvement.

    H. J. PhD in Psychology, 20 years Exp.


Ulatus has partnered with 1 Million for Work Flexibility to support flexible work optionsUlatus is a fast-paced, leading global translation company that offers the right opportunities to translators across the world. We pride ourselves in the people who work with us. We believe in continual enrichment where every opportunity is a means of honing personal and professional skills. At Ulatus, you will be offered both intellectual stimulation and monetary satisfaction. We follow a regular feedback mechanism to deliver high quality to our clients. We promise our clients excellence and expect the same from our translators. Ulatus offers you a dedicated platform to utilize your skill to the best of your ability. In the past, strong professional bonding with our freelance translators has led to mutual recommendations. So if you've got the drive to learn as you juggle with words to recreate meaning in the target language, bridge the gap between languages, and employ your translation skills for personal and organizational growth. Apply Today!

We firmly believe that every job offers a potent vision, a perfect opportunity, and a seeded path for a progressive future!

Translator Interviews

The success of any relationship depends on the understanding of both parties involved. With this in mind, we constantly strive to bring our clients and translators closer. So if you want to know more about the life and challenges of a translator, read on. Below are excerpts from some interviews we conducted with our translators.

  Cross Checker - M.W. PhD in Medical Science
13 yrs. experience
  Translator - N.N. B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering 
5 yrs. experience
  Translator - Y.W. Master of East Asian Studies
13 yrs. experience

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Our translation team comprises of experts in diverse subject areas, having an average of 10.4 years of translation experience. We deliver high quality translation services to clients around the world through our global network of qualified translators. We are seeking the candidates with dedication and passion for translation. Join our team of more than 1200 freelance translators and translation checkers working on translation jobs from home all over the globe.

We are committed to delivering the highest levels of translation quality to our clients and we expect our freelance translators to be of the same caliber. If you believe you have the translation experience, command over language, and an eye for detail, email us your resume at joinus@ulatus.com or click on "Apply Now" below.

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