As the world grapples with the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19, we – at Ulatus – have taken proactive measures to maintain uninterrupted operations & also judiciously advised our valued workforce to operate from the relatively safer environs of their homes.

While there are bound to be some knock-on effects to our processes in the short term, we are undoubtedly on track towards running all the branches of our dynamic business at full capacity without even marginally compromising on the exceptional quality standards and the highest level of security that we’ve become synonymous with. We are also well-prepared to effectively tackle any further contingencies and are ready with at hand solutions if the current dire situation worsens.

We – at Ulatus – will continue to deliver on all our commitments on or before the promised deadlines. As we continue to operate at peak capacity, we are both equipped & dedicated to accepting further assignments so we can keep propelling you towards the desired outcomes & success.

In addition, we have started offering our services at no cost for COVID-19 research to help researchers disseminate valuable scientific research globally. Since February, we have helped many researchers get their COVID-related research publicly available with the hope of doing our bit to assist the process of curing the disease and possibly creating a vaccine to prevent the spread.

At this delicate juncture, effective communication & collaboration across the global industry is imperative to withstand & overcome any detrimental effects of Covid-19 & continue to excel in our collective aim of creating optimal results.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any queries that you may have and we will respond swiftly with a comprehensive resolution.

You have our best wishes and round-the-clock support.

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