What is Globalized Editing?

Ulatus offers our multinational clients a distinct advantage to evaluate and appropriately analyze English source content and appropriately "Globalize" it before running it through Ulatus' ISO-certified, 3-step in-country "TEP" (translation, editing, proofreading) process.

The main objective and the intrinsic benefits running the English source materials through a series of cultural tests to pare down the content so it is delivered in a manner that would make sense to the target market before it is actually translated, which provides seamless communications at an increasingly cost-effective rate.

Traditional LSP Translation Model vs. Globalized Editing

Enhancing the Translation Quality-to-Cost Output

Example scenario of how "Globalized Editing" would be applicable and favorable to your organization's ongoing international initiatives both internally and externally:

One example, where this is common place is the difference in the terms used locally. Take the case of translation of course materials for use in text books for kids. The Japanese Yen may be famously known to be a "safe heaven" currency across the world, but kids in Indonesia may not really understand what Yen is and may just be "lost in translation." It is therefore important for them to read a truly localized version of the content to understand the true intended meaning.

Ulatus' Global Editing understands this very difference and known when exactly to use "Rupiah" to ensure the meaning comes across just as intended. This example may seem simple but when it is extrapolated to a larger canvas, it may well be the difference someone only seeing it and truly "understanding" it.

Our Solutions


High-quality, contextually impactful translation that leverages Ulatus’ technical superiority as well as the language and subject-matter expertise of our translators


Your translated document(s) undergoes a thorough language check by native English experts who edit and improve upon it to create an engaging piece of communication


The content is given a final review and proofread by our editors to deliver a polished, publish-ready write-up, designed to inform and impress your audience

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