The GlossaryX360 is a powerful terminology tool that is more than just a list of terms. With our proprietary technology, we can automatically generate a terminology list based on your specific domain.
This is especially useful for highly technical documents such as those related to Pharmaceuticals, Technology, or other science and social studies. The GlossaryX360 is built by the experts and Ulatus and is exclusive to our clients.


How does it work?

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is an associated healthcare profession which is a process of converting pre-recorded voice files as dictated by healthcare professionals into text format. In simple words, it is a methodical representation of language in written form. Persons who perform this process are identified as medical transcriptionists or medical transcription professionals.

Purpose of medical transcription

The sole purpose of medical transcription is to provide a range of diagnostic, practical, therapeutic, and straight patient care and support services. They are decisive to the range of healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

Complete process of medical transcription

It starts when a patient visits a doctor. Doctor sees the patient, discusses his health problems, including past history and/or problems. He then executes a physical examination & makes a diagnosis. Then, the doctor decides the healing process for the patient with instructions provided.

GlossaryX360 Translation Management Tool

Why is the GlossaryX360 indispensable for technical documents?


Improved translation accuracy

The automated terminology list is verified by you so that there is no ambiguity for the translator. This eliminates the risk of incorrect verbiage for all technical words on your document.


Faster turnaround time

Reduced back-and-forth to clear ambiguity or to revise incorrect terms means your document is ready for use even faster. The GlossaryX360 saves time and resources for you, the translator, and our translation management team.



The GlossaryX360 is exclusive to your field or domain. Each list is different based on the topic and subject of your document.


Exhaustive 150,000+ terms database

Our terminology management processes combine our proprietary technology with a database lookup of over 150,000 terms. Needless to say the outcome of the automation is the most precise and exhaustive terminology list for your project.

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