Client Interview

Echo International - A Multi-Language Services Provider

Project Summary

  • Client: Echo International
  • Service: Japanese to English translation
  • File Types: Clinical Reports, Case Studies, and Research Reports
  • Disciplines: Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Volume: 2,637,118 characters
  • Timeline: 45 business days
  • Translation Level: Translation only
Echo International - A Multi-Language Services Provider

What factors made you to choose Ulatus to assist you with the translation?

Echo International

We were very impressed by the list of credentials, the Japanese office location, and expertise. When we contacted Ulatus to request information, the response was very professional and without requesting the CVs, Ulatus provided a few CVs, which displayed true competency and transparency. Due to the large volume, our budget was below average, but Ulatus worked with us to find a budget that made sense for us both.

What was your overall experience of working with Ulatus on the first Japanese translation project for the 2.6 Million character pharmaceutical project?

Echo International

We were extremely impressed by the ability to deliver each milestone on or before the dates. And the quality was superb. Overall, we were very impressed and happy to work with Ulatus.

What were your perceptions about working with Ulatus before starting the translation project? How have those perceptions changed since you started working with Ulatus?

Echo International

As we mentioned, Ulatus appeared to be very professional and true experts in pharmaceutical translation.

What do you like most about working with Ulatus? Or what did you feel were the three biggest benefits of working with Ulatus?

Echo International

Top quality, expertise, reliability.

What challenges were you facing before choosing Ulatus and how did Ulatus help you overcome the challenges?

Echo International

It’s a challenge to find true experts in Japanese>English pharmaceutical translations who can handle such a large scope in a limited time.

If you were to recommend Ulatus, how would you describe the services?

Echo International

Top quality, fast, and reliable.

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