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Media is at the core of today’s interconnected and globalized world. It thrives on our need to share, communicate, entertain, experience, and create, and it has unrestrained potential for further growth in both global and glocal contexts.

Ulatus has the expertise to take your message across these networks and beyond.

An Integrated Approach

Media translation encompasses various modes of communication, such as the textual, verbal, visual, interactive, and multimodal across all possible content types and platforms. The possibilities are infinite and ever expanding, from the translation of news, speeches, reports, symposiums, brochures, advertisements, website content, interviews, and conference proceedings, to the subtitling of movies and TV programs, all the way to intra-company documentation and interactive, educational content.

Unlike translation in other industries, media translation does not depend solely on existing equivalences between two languages. It is characterized instead as finding the right way to connect with an audience who has the freedom to find their own path through your material and its context. Thus, the interaction between words and images needs to be mediated by translation experts skilled in cultural specifics such as reading habits, use of standard/non-standard language, politeness codes, and many other diverse parameters.

Why Choose Ulatus?

Media translation is endowed with powerful reach and practically infinite potential to communicate cultural identities and subjective narratives. At Ulatus, we garner this creativity to provide content that undergoes a reincarnation and readaptation in the target language. We specialize in satisfying the demands of your message while enriching the receiver’s experience, anticipation, and expectation.

Ulatus can help you integrate the text, context, and multimedia modes of communication to capture your audience’s attention, whether it is interdisciplinary content embedded in multimedia format or culture-specific content that utilizes diverse rhetorical techniques and narrative styles.

Ulatus ensures world-class translation that harnesses the power of figurative expressions and enhances aesthetic and emotional appeal.

Case Study

Translation of Guinness World Records book for Kadokawa Corporation

Ulatus overcame the challenges posed by 200,000+ word translation project by combining great project management skills and a zero tolerance for substandard quality

Affiliated With Some of the World’s Top Institutions

Ulatus’s commitment to quality and attention to details have helped us cultivate relationships with more than 61,000 clients from all across the globe, including prestigious corporations, universities, and organizations.

  • Sony Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • RR Donnelley
  • Pactera Technology International Ltd - China
  • Lookout Inc. USA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • The University of Sydney
  • Waseda University
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