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Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2005 by a team of English experts and entrepreneurs. Crimson Interactive is a leading language solutions provider worldwide and is a one-stop shop for all Academic English Editing, Journal Publication Support, Translation, and Journal Production needs.

Crimson Interactive has served over 61,000 clients across 89 countries. We have local presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Middle East, Brazil, Germany, Russia /CIS, and the USA.


Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive. We cater to the English editing and proofreading needs of ESL authors. We have one of the largest editing teams in the world, with over 850+ editors covering a range of subject areas. Enago is the leading provider of editing, proofreading, and publication support services to authors in Japan. Enago is well known not only for English editing but also for adept innovations, fast customer service, and reasonable pricing. Enago is the recommended English editing partner of over 1,700 international journals.

Websites: Japan (www.enago.jp) Korea (www.enago.co.kr) China ( www.enago.cn)
  Taiwan (www.enago.tw) Germany (www.enago.de) Brazil (www.enago.com.br)
  Turkey (www.enago.com.tr) Global (www.enago.com)  


Ulatus is a global translation company helping you communicate powerfully and persuasively to cross borders and break down cultural barriers. With more than 650 carefully chosen translators, we specialise in key global language pairs. Our clientele includes leading pharmaceutical companies, major European banks, and global automobile companies.

Websites: Japan (www.ulatus.jp) Global (www.ulatus.com) Korea (www.enago.co.kr/translation/)
  Taiwan (www.ulatus.tw) Brazil (www.ulatus.com.br)  


Voxtab provides accurate, quick, affordable, and high-quality transcription services. Our native English Transcriptionists from USA, UK, and Australia have the competence to understand all region-specific accents and dialects. We specialize in various subject areas such as Medical, IT, Business and Media. Our transcriptionists’ expertise and knowledge play an important role in delivering transcripts to the client’s delight.

Our comprehensive services are accessed by researchers, information specialists, and professionals in various fields, including business, finance, marketing, biotechnology, information technology, law, and medicine. With its dedicated staff, Crimson hopes to continue to deliver against your language needs.

Websites: Japan (www.voxtab.jp) Global (www.voxtab.com)  
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