Philosophy of 4

The Ulatus “Philosophy of 4” is a unique amalgam of translation, editing, and review procedures that guarantee superb translations. Our philosophy draws on the magical power of four: Four different language experts, each possessing a comprehensive set of highly specialized skills, bring with them four original perspectives that enrich and enhance your document.

The Philosophy of 4 is the industry’s gold standard for absolute reliability and quality. Each individual in our process picks up on different aspects and nuances of the text, guaranteeing outstanding output and customer experience.

Expert Translator

A highly experienced bilingual subject-matter specialist in your domain translates your content into the target language.

Expert Editor

An editor, who’s an expert in the target language and the subject-matter of your project, makes edits to enhance your content.

Expert Translation Cross-Checker

A second bilingual subject-matter specialist cross-checks the content to ensure you receive an error-free high-quality translation.

In-country Review Powered by Ulatus Communicate

In-country Review Powered by Ulatus Communicate

"Communicate" tool, via the cloud, connects the client's in-country reviewers and both, Ulatus' global project management team and in-country linguistic leads for each locale.

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