We excel where most translation companies fall short: recruitment. The superior quality of our output is a direct reflection of our hiring process. We work with only the most talented, experienced translators, many of whom are affiliated with some of the most prestigious universities and corporations in the world.

Our rigorous recruitment process allows through only 1% of thousands of applicants. All candidates undergo a series of tests through which we assess their subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge, and proficiency in multiple languages. Emerging through these rounds of testing is just the beginning. All newly hired translators are closely monitored for their first two months. Those translators who are not performing to our quality standards are mentored and given additional training. If no progress is seen, we simply let them go.

What's More?

Every one of our translators, regardless of tenure, is provided regular feedback and monthly assessments. It’s just another part of our process to ensure that our clients receive the high standards to which they are accustomed.

Spotlight: Japanese Translator Recruitment

We consider only those Japanese translators who have completed Level 2 (N2) and Level 1 (N1) of the Japanese language proficiency test. In addition, our translators must have also scored more than 800 points on the J-Test (Test of Practical Japanese) (B Level, Pre-A Level, A Level, and Special A Level). Further, they must have completed Level 2 and Level 1 of BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test).

Spotlight: English Proficiency

Ulatus only employs translators who have scored at the Gold level (860–990) on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). We use only those translators who have scored more than 100 on the internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 600 on the printed TOEFL.

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