This translator has more than 20 years of research and translation experience in the fields of Gaming Translation, In-game content and Game User Interfaces. He is a Japanese native and highly experienced in playing Real-Time Strategy Games such as StarCraft and Age of Empires 2. He also has extensive experience of working in IT industry, including industry leading companies such as Oracle, SAP, Siebel, and Price Waterhouse along. He also has 10+ years of leadership experience in marketing, presales, and consultative selling.

Gaming Translation , Game User Interfaces , Gaming Software , In-game content , Gaming User Manuals , Game Training Materials , Gaming Controls and GUIs , Game Descriptions , Promotional Material , Gaming Instructions



Years of experience


Education and Training

M.S., Computer Science, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA
B.A., Mathematics, International Christian University, Japan

Work experience

* Editor at ASCII Corporation, Tokyo (the former partner of Microsoft USA and Microsoft Press in Japan), starting as a translator, then as a technical editor.
* Co-planner and advisor of Japanese million-selling TV game “Derby Stallion” series (for family-computer, FC2, Windows, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, PS2, Nitendo GameBoy). Now auditing officer at Parity Bit Co., Ltd
* Translator and Proofreader of numerous large translation projects, including Gaming Translation, Mobile Game Development-Manuals, Product/Service Descriptions, Help information and Game Training materials.
* He is also highly experienced in playing Real-Time Strategy Games such as StarCraft and Age of Empires 2.
* Translation and editing of various websites (Microsoft, MaKafee, etc.) in the field of Information Technology.

* Game Testing experience includes:
- Performed game testing prior to all releases and updates
- Evaluated game programs for flaws and issues
- Identified bugs and prepared reports for designers and management
- Assessed game and network functionality on a regular basis
- Assisted with online game monitoring as required
- Collated and analysed data to identify game issues and potential bugs

* Localization of various promotional videos (Intel, Microsoft, etc.)
* Localization of Dassault Systems’ PLM (ENOVIA, etc.)
* Advertising (apparel & Fashion in Italy)
* Website of Zegna (apparel & Fashion in Italy)

* Translated various books and manuals, as listed below:
- Wingz (RDB software) manuals
- Mastering MAKE (Prentice Hall, Toppan, Tokyo)
- Microsoft Office Running series and Step by Step series (Microsoft Press - ASCII and Nikkei BP, Tokyo)
- Guide to Computer Security
- Guide to Computer Forensics
- Web Security 2.0

* System Engineer, CAD System Development Group, TEC Soft&Service Co, Ltd. (Chiba, Japan)
* Systems Analyst, Digicomp Research Corporation (Ithaca, NY)
* Vice President, Enterprise Solution Development, Lycos Japan Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
* Led a line of business to develop enterprise services from a general web portal company. Responsibility included building a new business model for the company.
* Chief Marketing Director, Marketing, SAS Institute Japan K.K. (Tokyo, Japan)
* Responsible for all marketing operations of SAS Japan. A member of the company’s Steering Committee.

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