We enjoy working with all our translators and endeavor to provide them with a wonderful and fulfilling work experience. Here is what some of our translators have to say about their experience working with us.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Doctor of Engineering MS in Chemistry, 24+ years Exp.

Since 2015, I have been working as a translator with Ulatus, with enjoying its quick response, and have been providing translation services centered on medical, natural science, and engineering fields. I would like to continuously brush up my translation skill and share my industry experience, especially as a scientist, engineer and factory manager (in Chemistry, Polymer engineering, ISO 9001, 14001, 27001) with Ulatus.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


M.A. in Legal Translation and Terminology, 10+ years Exp.

Ulatus is definitely one of the most professional companies that I have worked with. The assignments are very interesting and cover a wide range of expertise. Likewise, the communication with the project managers is very easy and efficient. I am also satisfied with their feedback and payment procedure.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MSc Psychology of Education, 5+ years Exp.

I enjoy working with Ulatus. I get a high volume of work, and the projects are managed efficiently and professionally. I really enjoy having an opportunity to work on interesting and varied assignments across a range of subject areas related to my area of expertise. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Ulatus moving forward.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Dr. M.S.

Doctor in Analytical Chemistry, 32 years Exp.

I have been working with Ulatus for 5 years or so. I used to work with other agents, however, jobs they offered were general documents including emails. Since I have a doctoral degree in science, and experience in engineering and regulatory documents, I was always frustrated. Then, fortunately, I came across Ulatus website, the jobs they offer perfectly match my expertise. Since then, I have been enjoying working with Ulatus. Their clients include, academia, governmental institutes, multinational pharmaceutical companies, etc. and through the jobs offered, I learn a lot of new things.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA in Japanese, 10 years Exp.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Ulatus! I have received a steady stream of work for almost eight years now, and the assignments I receive are closely matched to my translation fields. This has really helped me to grow my skills. The staff I have worked with are intelligent and incredibly helpful and polite. The whole translation process is nicely streamlined, so I feel I can really focus on the translation work itself. This has been a great opportunity, and I hope it will continue in the future!

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

M. N.

BS in Exercise Science, 10 years Exp.

The best thing about working with Ulatus is that I receive a consistent amount of work and every assignment that they send to me perfectly matches my area of interest and expertise. The flexibility and responsiveness of the staff at Ulatus allows me to have good work–life balance. It is my pleasure to be working with Ulatus!


Bachelor of English Literature, 5 years Exp.

I want to share my experience with the Ulatus team. I have been working as an “in-house” translator for over 10 years; therefore, in a way I can say that I am an experienced translator. However, to tell you the truth, as most in-house translators know, one is exempted from the severe and serious environment which almost every freelancer faces. However, for a couple of reasons, I decided to work as a freelancer. Recently, thanks to the luck, I have several regular clients, including Ulatus. The job requirements are different from the in-house job. Actually, I’m still in the process of managing multiple jobs when I’m doing the task they offer me

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MS in Communication Disorder, 14 years Exp.

It has been a little over three months since I joined Ulatus, and I find the overall experience to be excellent. I truly appreciate their professionalism, reliability, and flexibility. They provide me with the necessary information in a timely manner. The staff provides their complete support whenever I am given a new assignment. I have translated documents in various fields from which I have acquired new knowledge. They are very respectful with my decisions on whether I can accept an assignment; this does not let me feel any pressure in decision making. The payment process is easy to follow and efficient, and the feedback provided by them helps me grow as a translator. I look forward to working with Ulatus for many years to come.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo, 5 years Exp.

I feel like I have nothing to worry about after beginning to work with Ulatus. I believe it is because of the sophisticated guidance system and considerate coordination with simple yet nice daily communication and appropriate task assignments pertaining my field of expertise—Bioscience, Agriculture, etc. The contents are very interesting and instructive, leading me to a higher level of knowledge and quality of living. I am proud to be working with Ulatus as a freelancer and am very happy to be a member of it. I assure everyone coming to Ulatus of the satisfaction with the consistency of work, feedback mechanisms, payment procedure, and flexibility.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MD German Literature, 11 years Exp.

I really appreciate team Ulatus for their accuracy regarding the assignment and prompt response to my questions. Also, the feedback is really helpful for me to improve my skills. I’d love to keep long lasting relationship with Ulatus.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MSc in Public Relations, 15 years Exp.

I am very impressed with the professional approach of Ulatus. It is one of the very first agencies that really focuses on people. I feel like I am being recognized and respected. So far, I have been assigned interesting projects that match the areas I specialize in. It is a great pleasure to work for this company.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of English Literature, 25 years Exp.

I have been with Ulatus for quite some time, and I am very satisfied with the working relationship. They are prompt and simple in responding to any questions I may have, which is crucial. The operation of assignments is systematic, payment methods are thorough, and thus, I can have work peacefully. They have consistently allocated work to me.

I am very happy to say that I am working with Ulatus as a freelancer.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA Asian and Middle East Languages and Civilizations, 6 years Exp.

Since signing on with Ulatus, I have received a steady amount of work in my specialty areas. Their Translator Handbook makes it very clear what is expected and even provides tips for creating clean, clear translations. I appreciate the various means they provide for feedback and the politeness exhibited by their project managers. Ulatus sends invoice reminders at the end of each month along with an invoice template, and I have always received timely payment.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA Honours Management, 10 years Exp.

I believe Ulatus is quite a professional team, focusing on positive and quick daily communication with the translators. Feedback and any necessary help are provided on a regular basis. Explanations and clarification of any necessary doubts is done consistently. Assignments are given based on the chosen language pairs, as well as specific specialized areas. The payment process is efficient without any flaws and overall, I absolutely enjoy working with the Ulatus team as communication is effective and the projects cover a wide range of expertise.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Arts, Japanese Language and Literature, 15 years Exp.

In my opinion, Ulatus has led the way in the translation industry with regard to utilizing digital and electronic systems, including the Internet. While other firms seem to be almost probing their way forward blindly, Ulatus has a very strategic approach and has taken the standard EN 15038 to heart.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA Linguistics, 6 years Exp.

I have enjoyed my work with Ulatus. The tasks are clear and straightforward. The Website is easy to use. The other employees that I exchange e-mails with are polite and patient. Thus far, I have received a good amount of work—more than what I receive from other companies.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD Education, 5 years Exp.

It is my great pleasure to work as a freelance translator with Ulatus. Ulatus opened the gate to contribute to the Japanese academia through its strong network with Japanese clients. I enjoy translating various types of academic texts in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. Ulatus also gives me opportunities to challenge various types of non-academic text translations. I am proud to be translator of Ulatus. I am confident with the excellent performance of Ulatus as professionals in the business of language translation. Communication with staff members is very easy because they are friendly and efficient. The monthly feedback given by Ulatus is very beneficial to understand the genres that I have translated the most and whether the clients were satisfied with my work.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MS Translation, 14 years Exp.

As for my experience so far with Ulatus I can say that concerning daily communication there is a friendly and courteous communication with PMs. As for the assignments, they match my specialization fields, are interesting and well organized for the translator, with a good brief. The payment procedure is easy and simple, and always on time! As for the consistency of work, I can say that is has been regular and with reasonable deadlines. Hope to have been useful and that these information will help improving both Ulatus and my work!

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA Political Science, 23 years Exp.

I really enjoy working with Ulatus. The staff is very friendly and approachable. They are always available when I need help. I also appreciate their prompt payments. Certain assignments can be very challenging; but, I always see them as learning opportunities. I guess the best thing about working with Ulatus is that they keep me engaged at all times.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD Immunopathology, 11 years Exp.

I am working with Ulatus as a Freelance Translator/Checker since September 2014.
I am very glad to be working with this great team of professionals. The assignments are always interesting. I receive feedback from my supervisor on a regular basis. The flexibility and consistency of work are very good points to consider! I never had problems with any assignments or payments. All my questions regarding procedures on the website or assignments are promptly responded to. I just have great things to say about this company. It is a pleasure to work for Ulatus.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Chinese Language & Literature, 12 years Exp.

Ulatus is one of the most professional translation companies I have ever worked with. Payments are on time, and daily interactions are always to-the-point and efficient. The project managers are willing to go the extra mile to find solutions that work for everyone involved in a project. I would like to extend my gratitude for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Ulatus—translation is only half of what needs to be done in a project, rest is the wonder of the Project Managers!

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD in Muscle Biology, 43 years Exp.

I started freelance work with Project Management Team (PMT) Ulatus since November 2014. Most of the assignments allocated to me suit my expertise and subject area. The feedback mechanism is efficiently operated by the members of the team in terms of my queries and requests. Once the payment procedure is established, the assignment fees are accurately deposited in my bank account. The team members manage the work well and maintain consistency and flexibility for all the assignments that I received so far.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MS in Engineering, 27 years Exp.

Since Ulatus has given me assignments in my expertise, all of my pre-acquired knowledge and experience contribute to the translation assignments I receive from Ulatus. I also acquire new knowledge from each assignment, which can be used for translation in the future.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Master's in Creative Writing, 10 years Exp.

Working for Ulatus has been delightful. The best aspect is thorough quality control. Company gives me feedback for my assignments, which motivates me to improve my skills. Also, the communication process is very organized. So, I feel comfortable clarifying my doubts with the coordinators, editors, translators, and clients. Lastly, as a translator who has often faced the trouble of nonpayment and delayed payment, glad that I can work with Ulatus without such worries.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA Japanese Studies, 8 years Exp.

Ulatus has been great! Their team is very responsive, understanding, and yet demanding. People tend to rely on email or other forms of eCommunication. However, the most effective form of communication to make sure you understand one another is to talk in person which Ulatus believes in. There is no replacement for solid talent that you are confident about. Ulatus seems to know this and are constantly taking measures to evaluate and provide feedback to all of the talent involved.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Arts, 10 years Exp.

Working with Ulatus is efficient and professional!
The daily communication is timely and smooth via email, telephone, and so on. I get assignments and accurate and timely feedback. The system for file loading and communication makes work and cooperation more efficient. I feel happy to work with Ulatus all the time.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, 7 years Exp.

The best thing about working with Ulatus is the amount of work I receive. They always offer me interesting work that matches my expertise. If I can’t handle the workload, the team at Ulatus is very flexible and accommodating. In my experience, Ulatus has been nothing but professional and courteous in our communication, and working with them as a freelancer has been a great pleasure.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA in Comparative Civilizations, 7 years Exp.

Ulatus’s communication system is superbly well organized. They’re always there to listen to me, and their replies are astonishingly prompt. I live in Europe, and they call my mobile phone when it’s necessary, but at the same time, they always respect the life rhythm in my time zone. This is also the case for their accounts team. They are super professional and adaptable.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA in Philosophy, 14 years Exp.

I work with many translation companies, and Ulatus is definitely one of my favorites. All the processes are very clear, and the coordinators are very professional. I have not had any bad experiences with Ulatus. There are a couple of points I especially like as follows.
Ulatus is working 24 hours a day, so I can get rapid support whenever I need it.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA in Mathematics, 12 years Exp.

It has been varied and interesting. I’ve luckily received many interesting papers and books to translate in a variety of mathematical and scientific fields. Therefore, I have found it to be not only new and exciting each time but also educational for myself. The process of work has always been very efficient and professional, which I’ve found very useful.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA in Linguistics, 5 years Exp.

The project management team members are always easy to reach and communicate with. Even though we are not in face-to-face contact, some of the team members stay online 24 hours so that they are able to get back to me promptly. This makes me feel reassured when I am working on assignments, as if they stand by me and are ready to give me a direction any time.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Master's in International Affairs, 12 years Exp.

I used to do business in India, so I was excited to have Indian coworkers once again. I have found the company to be honest, reliable and flexible. As a translator, it is important to trust everyone that I work with, and I have been working with Ulatus for about 4 years now.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA in Theatre Art, 5 years Exp.

I really enjoy working with Ulatus.
The communication is always smooth. They really respect my time and profession; they reply politely to every mail I send and help me with every problem or time-related issue. They always confirm mails by replying, which makes things clearer.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Master in Oriental History, 5 years Exp.

I have collaborated with Ulatus for more than four years, and through the cooperation built between us, I greatly appreciate the flexibility Ulatus has provided me with. Ulatus respects the nature of working as a freelancer, which helps me in managing my time efficiently. I’m proud of having a relationship with Ulatus and hope we further improve it, leading to a win-win business situation.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA in Japanese, 5 years Exp.

Assignments are matched to your specialization. I have continually worked with medical-based translations with Ulatus—most within my range of expertise and some a little different, but never anything out of the blue. I have found that quite a constant flow of work is available. I sometimes find myself faced with a large volume of assignments.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD in Microbiology, 10 years Exp.

I have been working with Ulatus and it has been a great experience. Usually, assignments are matched to my specialization or are interesting. The workload varies every month; sometimes, I have many assignments, and other times, I have almost none. Communication is definitely one of the best skills that the project managers at Ulatus have. The payment procedure is very efficient.

Portuguese - English


Majored in English and Portuguese and took a graduate course on Translation, 4 years Exp.

Providing services for Ulatus is always a pleasure, not only because the project managers who contact us are polite and kind, but also because they are always promptly available to find solutions for every request we might have during the translation process. If this relationship is so fruitful for us linguists, I figure it most definitely is the same or even more fruitful for clients. I wouldn't hesitate one second in requesting a quote!

Portuguese > English


B.A., Translation & Interpreting, 20 years Exp.

I've worked for Ulatus for 5 years now, and it's a simple process, from job assignment through completion and payment."

Spanish > English


Technical-Scientific Translator Degree, 7+ years Exp.

I have been working with Ulatus for almost two years now, and I can state that the best thing about working with Ulatus is the consistent amount of work received in the fields of expertise of each linguist. Project managers are straightforward and friendly; deadlines are reasonable and the payment process is efficient. I look forward to working with Ulatus for many years to come

Spanish > English


B.A. in Translation, 5 years Exp.

I feel really comfortable working with Ulatus' team because all of you have a simple and effective coordination system in all areas and the way in which you communicate is very polite when assigning projects and answering questions.

Turkish > English


B.Sc. Physics, 6+ years Exp.

Ulatus is one of the most professional companies that I worked with. Most importantly, they value good work and do not hold back feedbacks from satisfied customers. They always reply my e-mails and answer my questions. And finally, they never delay payments, which is almost a rare opportunity in a translator's life. I am really glad to be working with Ulatus and hope to cooperate with them for many years to come.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA in Philosophy, 30 years Exp.

I feel people in this firm are very attentive and supportive, although our partnership is just a year old.

Japanese - English


M.B.A.,B.A. Economics, 30+ years Exp.

Ulatus has reasonable and flexible deadlines. Ulatus provided excellent support. Ulatus paid on time and in full. Ulatus has professional, friendly, understanding and honest project managers. I have been working with Ulatus continuously for over three years. Ulatus can best be characterized, in my opinion, by the professional manner of its staff, or managers… quick response, clear communications, rigid project control (with flexibility, where needed), and most of all, their candid and accessible characters. Our relationship is a good example of building a trust in-between through professional communication despite the fact that we are physically thousands of kilometres away from each other.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo

Dr. A.S.

PHD in Literature

Working for Ulatus has been a wonderful and rewarding experience from day one. The professional, process-oriented approach to achieving quality translation at Ulatus resonates with my individual approach to translation and the feedback provided has helped me hone my translation skills. The project management team is accommodating and open to suggestions, always willing to provide prompt and timely support whenever required. There is a regular flow of assignments and payments are always on time. I look forward to continue working with Ulatus and contribute to the challenging task of contextually accurate transfer of meaning.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Computer Science, 7 years Exp.

I have been very impressed with the degree of professionalism shown in all communications with the staff of Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. (Ulatus). They have always been prompt and courteous in their replies. I have been offered a large volume of translation assignments spanning a variety of fields. While existing obligations have prevented me from accepting some of these assignments, I look forward to working with Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. (UIatus) in the future.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BA (Politics), 40 years Exp.

Although it has been just over two months, I enjoy working with the Ulatus team in India. The Ulatus team in India is very professional, particularly, in terms of communication. Their requests are clear, and they provide prompt responses; for example, in cases of cancellation of assignments, which is very crucial. I am very impressed with their systematic procedures for delivery, feedback, and payment as a whole.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Arts Degree in History, 20 years Exp.

I am a translation checker for Ulatus and would like to say that overall I am impressed with the high degree of professionalism and courtesy that Ulatus brings to the freelance marketplace. My on-boarding process was very organized. Assignments are in-tune with my area of specialization. Feedback is quick and clear. And the flexibility is particularly helpful for people like me who juggle multiple projects. I never felt an assignment being pushed on me; if scheduling doesn’t allow me to take on a task I just tell the team and it’s sourced to someone else of equal capability, no muss no fuss. With Ulatus, you feel like you’re working “with” them, not “for” them.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


- MBA major in Finance, 5 years Exp.

Ulatus is one of the leading translation companies in India and Japan. They have regularly offered me translation opportunities. However, I decline taking up work if I’m busy, and they do not push me further. Once I take up work, they promptly reply to any query I have regarding the assignment. Thus, it is a pleasure to work with them. They have always obeyed the payment schedule agreed between us. There is no delay and my payment is credited to my bank account in Japan instantly.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Humanities, Master of Social Work

Ulatus is very responsive in their daily communication and they obviously know what they are doing in their project management role. The assignments given are specialization matched. I found that the content very strongly reminded me of the kind of content I would read while perusing journals during my Bachelor and Master’s studies (although, obviously, it is in Chinese). In terms of feedback, Ulatus have been good and responsive. Their post-editing system seems like it would be quite effective. The payment is delivered on time and as per their payment schedule. With regard to the consistency of work, Ulatus has provided me a nice side-stream of income. Moreover, in terms of flexibility, Ulatus have been quite reasonable in this area. All in all, it has been quite engaging to work with Ulatus in academic translation. I’ve had the pleasure of learning a few things along the way in my own area.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD in molecular cell biology, 8 years Exp.

I like Ulatus’s style, which is very well organized. The response is very quick, and for me, it’s so smooth to work with.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies/Japanese), 10 years Exp.

During the period of time that I have worked with Ulatus, I have been given work on a regular basis with high quality content. The staff is friendly, and they are always willing to help out with all types of queries. Ulatus provides a strong communication and supportive system so that you can concentrate on delivering good work. It’s a good place for language specialists to be, and it will give you the freedom and flexibility to explore your own capability.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Master in Human Science, 6 years Exp.

I have been working for Ulatus for a few months now in the field of Linguistics, and I can already testify that it is one of the most professional translation companies I have ever worked with. As a translator, I greatly appreciate the quality of the information provided along with each assignment. It is clear, to-the-point and extremely detailed. Also, the workflow is effectively streamlined by top-notch online procedures. Owing to this, it is possible at Ulatus to interact with the client to work out any problems that may occur during the translating process—which helps a lot to achieve the highest possible quality of the translation. The teamwork is one of the best I have ever experienced along with a permanent support. Other employees that I exchange e-mails with are highly responsive, polite, and patient. I can feel that everything is done at Ulatus to fuel the motivation of their translators in order to help them to deliver their very best. To work for Ulatus is definitely a fulfilling experience. I would strongly recommend it to anyone willing to work in the field of translation.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Arts, 5 years Exp.

What I appreciate the most while working for Ulatus is the professionalism and understanding of the needs of the freelance translators. I have always received prompt replies whenever I had any questions or concerns. Also, I really like that I have a platform to communicate with the costumer and the ability to leave feedback or comments on my translations. Not all translation companies understand the importance of this process.

I also enjoy the feeling that I am part of a team. Even though I am only a freelancer, I have received pamphlets regarding company standards and policies along with very informative monthly newsletters. Being part of a team is very important for me, as it not only helps me understand what I am expected to do but also because it is a great motivation to live up to those standards.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Degree in Architecture, 10 years Exp.

Thanks to your support, I have been working with you for a couple of years now. I feel that the assignment given by you always match to my specialized fields and I enjoy doing my assignment. When I have any inquires about the assignment, the project management team is always prompt in answering and resolving my queries. This helps me work smoothly and meet all deadlines. I am also satisfied with the payment procedure on time. I am looking forward to continuing our business relationship. Thank you,

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MA Creative Writing, 10 years Exp.

Ulatus is truly very professional in all aspects: from establishing the assignment guidelines and specifying expectations for the completed job, to promptly answering any queries about the work, time schedule, job requests, and payment amounts and procedures. Having details about a job and the time limitations defined upfront, absolutely help the translator to gauge their ability to complete the work. The mechanisms established for downloading files, including invoices, are totally "sweat free," i.e., very easy to use, which I do appreciate. The project team members and coordinators are always a delight to speak to. They are courteous, polite, and helpful, while expecting efficient and timely job results. Furthermore, the assignments are very stimulating and interesting, always offering a new window into the world of human affairs and endeavors. Translation is a fascinating job and has many challenges. In particular, it is worthwhile if one can make a full-time job of translation with pay incentives commensurable with the effort.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MSc Environmental sciences, 8 years Exp.

Communication via e-mails and telephone is excellent. In the e-mails, the details of translation/checking assignments are very well specified in a professional manner, and I can start working smoothly. The assignments till now have been very interesting. All of them are about scientific and technical/industrial translation. I highly appreciate that I was assigned a wide range of assignments, and thus, I could broaden my knowledge/expertise through actual translation and research work. The experience of working along with native and bilingual checkers is especially invaluable. The feedback mechanisms are important for achieving a high quality of work. The work is provided in a consistent manner. However, I face problems when the assignments involve formatting, i.e., when I have to copy from PDF files. In this regard, the Ulatus staff helped me with preparing files in MS Word format, which greatly facilitated my translation work. Technical work itself is arranged in quite a flexible way and is not restricted to a particular area. I can always consult with the Ulatus staff for resolving any issues. I would sincerely like to build up a working relationship with the Ulatus through regular, intensive, and improved translation work. Overall, the professional approach of Ulatus is excellent, including its consultation and feedback processes.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Asian Studies, 6 years Exp.

I started working for Ulatus in April 2010. Communication with the project management team has always been rapid and friendly. Despite time differences, there is always a team member available to respond to any queries regarding assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Assignments suited to my area of expertise are proposed. Ulatus has an online platform where the translators are able to leave comments for the project management team regarding the assignments. There is also a system in place to contact the client for clarification of assignment content.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Master of Science Degree in Microbiology, 20 years Exp.

My overall experience with Ulatus has been very satisfactory in many aspects. Sometimes, the deadline assigned can be restricting. However, Ulatus usually tries to work with me to develop a schedule that best suits me. I like working with Ulatus very much and would like to continue working with them for as long as I can.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


Bachelor's degree, Petroleum Engineering, 6 years Exp.

Since I joined Ulatus as a freelancer, I have worked with Ulatus on a number of IT and general technology subject projects for both translation and proofreading. Past work experience tells that Ulatus is a trustworthy team and that they are always ready to help me with the queries I have regarding the projects. Ulatus deserves to take pride in the level of their professionalism as well. Hopefully, in the future, we can work together on some automotive subjects!

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


PhD in Psychology, 20 years Exp.

The two things I appreciate about working with Ulatus are
1) The desired style, target readers, intended use, etc. of the translation are specified in the beginning. These are crucial in translation, yet, in fact, not many translation agencies specify them at the beginning of a job. Ulatus does!
2) Feedback for translations already completed is provided to the translators who worked on them. This is very helpful for their improvement.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


MSc in Physics, 12 years Exp.

My experience with Ulatus has been an enriching one. Through working with Ulatus, I have been able to improve my translation skills at a professional level. The support system is continuous and readily available. I appreciate the prompt communication regarding translations and payments. Deadlines for translations are reasonable. In future, I would appreciate more feedback from editors and clients as it helps me reflect on my work and improve my translation.

TC169 - PhD in Agriculture at University of Tokyo


BSc in Biomedical Science, 8 years Exp.

Having had the privilege of working with Ulatus as both a translator and checker since October 2012, I am very impressed with their highly professional and comprehensive approach to translation and localization. Assignments are frequent and are always a good match with my fields of expertise. With very few exceptions, the projects that I have worked on to date have been fascinating and made for interesting reading in their own right.

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