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Service – Japanese to English and English to Japanese Translation

Category – Academic and Industry Area Translation

Discipline – Business & Economics

Humanities and Social Sciences have many branches such as sociology, political science, psychology, demography, history, law, linguistics, anthropology, etc. Unlike translation for other subjects, translation of these subjects goes beyond word-to-word translation. Translators face the challenge of layers of interpretation and numerous subjective paths given the nature of the subjects. Translating such text requires not only subject knowledge and good language skills but also good cultural understanding. It requires specific terminology and a certain style that reflect the linguistic and socio-cultural characteristics of the target audience.

We are looking to hire professionals for translating jobs online from Japanese to English and English to Japanese with adequate subject matter expertise and experience in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Apply As Per Your Area Of Specialization!

At Ulatus, we have a highly qualified team of Humanities and Social Sciences translators and are looking for talented translators to be a part of our Japanese <> English translation team. We are hiring for the following sub-disciplines under Humanities and Social Sciences:

Subject Area

  • Design
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Disaster Studies
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Library and Museum Studies
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Environmental Studies
  • Literature
  • Religious Studies
  • History
  • Media/Communication
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts

Industrial Area

  • Patent Application
  • M & A Contract
  • Companies Acts and Regulations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Buying and Selling/Trade Agreement
  • Other Countries' Laws
  • Business Alliances and Contract
  • Sales and Agency Agreement
  • Other Contracts
  • License Agreement
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Game Translation

Applicants will be evaluated for both their linguistic skills and their subject matter expertise.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Recognized graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education.
    Recognized graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education with two years of full time experience in translation.
    Five years of full time professional experience in translation.
  • Native speaker of Japanese/English with proven English/Japanese skills

Who Can Apply?

Our company is committed to the highest levels of translation quality and we expect our freelance translators to be of the same caliber. If you qualify for the below points, please apply for our online translation jobs.

  • fit the Humanities and Social Sciences subject area(s) specified above and have the translation experience,
  • have command over Japanese and English languages,
  • are looking for translating jobs online, and
  • want the flexibility of working on translation jobs from home,

Profiles Of Our Translators And Checkers

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