Ulatus is a company with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing in China. Our team of experts are fluent in Chinese and English, and have a deep understanding of the Chinese market and culture. We have helped many companies successfully market in China through tailored strategies, utilizing social media platforms like Baidu, WeChat and Bilibili. Our experience across industries, from e-commerce to technology, allows us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for each company. Trust our knowledge and expertise to help your company succeed in the Chinese market.

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All your Chinese Digital Marketing Services under one roof

Chinese Media Monitoring services

Media Monitoring

  • Monitor and track mentions of your brand and products on Chinese social media sites and academic platforms
  • Understand the feedback and experiences of your stakeholders regarding the publishing process with you
  • Assess the strength of your brand in the Chinese market
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in China
  • Track changes in how your brand is perceived in the Chinese market over time
Chinese Content Marketings

Content Marketing

  • Craft a content strategy that targets your specific audience with high-impact, relevant material
  • Get expert recommendations on the most effective academic, social and video platforms for your brand
  • Set up, verify and manage a blog or video account for you
    Provide translation and localization services for your original content, including video content
  • Create original content based on feedback from your local stakeholders, including video abstracts from authors and interviews with editors
Effective Advertising Solutions

Effective Advertising Solutions

  • Develop a targeted advertising campaign for your journals and products to reach your desired audience
  • Conduct thorough research on your audience and competitors to identify the most effective targeting opportunities
  • Provide full-service advertising management, including set-up, optimization and ongoing management
  • Offer translation and localization services for your ad content
  • Design and create dedicated landing pages to support your advertising campaign and drive conversions
PPC Advertising via Baidu & Sougou

PPC Advertising via Baidu & Sougou

  • Utilize platforms like Baidu and Sogou to drive targeted traffic to your key journal titles through Pay-per-Click Advertising
  • Offer comprehensive PPC management services that include ad account set-up, verification, management and optimization
  • Perform thorough keyword research to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience with the appropriate message
  • Design and develop dedicated landing pages that capture leads and notify you of new leads via email
Expert Event Management

Expert Event Management

  • Create and organize training sessions and events tailored to your stakeholders' needs
  • Provide full-service event planning, support, and marketing
  • Offer localization and services for the content and provide guidance on delivering the content and training effectively
  • Provide coaching on Chinese webinar platforms and advice on the most appropriate platforms for your specific business requirements
360 marketing support

360 marketing support

  • Email campaigns creation and execution tailored to your target audience
  • Development of Chinese websites that optimize your development times and website upkeep
  • Telemarketing services enabling you to follow up on client communication, increasing your conversion rates
  • Market research solutions that provide you the neccesary insight to define your strategies

How Ulatus helps you succeed in the China market?

At Ulatus, we have an experience of over more than two decades in helping companies expand their presence in China. Our recent acquisition of Charlesworth Group, a renowned brand in China, further strengthens our reputation in the market and allows us to provide even more comprehensive services to our clients. Our team of experts in China, equipped with our own proprietary technology, have the know-how and expertise to elevate any brand to the next level. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions to succeed in the Chinese market.

How Ulatus helps you succeed in the China market?

The trusted Traditional Chinese Translation Service

Over 15,000 happy clients have used our Traditional Chinese Translation Service in the last two decades. Our client satisfaction rate stands at 99.45% .

Client Voice

Case Studies

Our Localization Solutions

Chinese document translation services

Traditional Chinese Document Translation

We translate all types of documents to Traditional Chinese or in English from Traditional Chinese. Based on your request, we additionally select translators for any document you have that might need a special set of skills. Our speedy turnaround times mean that you'll always have accurate and timely Traditional Chinese translations whenever you need them.

Chinese website localization

Website Localization

Do more than just translate, localize your website to drive ROI. Launch your website through accurate Traditional Chinese translations.

  • Setting up hreflang tags
  • Subfolder, subdomain, & ccTLDs
  • Language selection interface
  • Google Business set up
  • Interactive locations widgets
Chinese book translation services

Book Translation

Book translations can be difficult, especially capturing the mood and personas of the original writing. This is why we only work with exceptionally experienced translators when working with books. Book translations in Traditional Chinese or from Traditional Chinese require more care due to vast cultural differences as compared to the western world.

Chinese game localization

Game Localization

China is one of the leading gaming hubs in the world. From handheld games to consoles we've got you covered. Our Traditional Chinese Game localization services have been trusted by leading game companies for some of the world's most played games. According to the latest HIS report, the videogame market in China represents $38 billion in revenue in 2018.

Chinese Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Our Traditional Chinese translation service covers highly technical and specialized translations where subject area expertise is a requisite. Some of our solutions in highly technical fields are as below :

  • Traditional Chinese Medical Translation
  • Traditional Chinese Software/IT Translation
  • Traditional Chinese Back Translation
  • Traditional Chinese Life Science Localization
Chinese Fast Translations

Fast Translations

If you're looking for a solution that requires a speedy turnaround time, our Fast Traditional Chinese translation service is for you. Depending on your word count, we can look at your requirements and give you a translated file within hours.

  • News Headlines
  • Periodicals
  • Online Commentary
  • Social Media Posts

Fast and accurate Traditional Chinese translation services designed to cater various industries

  • High Technology
  • Finance
  • Medical Device
  • Academic
  • Legal
  • Automotive
  • E-Commerce
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical
  • Education & Learning
  • Mechanical &
    Industrial Engg.
  • Elearning

The Ulatus Advantage

Proprietary technology for accurate translation

Built-in proprietary technology for accurate translation

ISO 17100:2015 translation certified

ISO 17100:2015 (Requirements for translation services) certified

Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors that affect the cost of marketing in China?

When it comes to marketing in China, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cost. From the type of marketing campaign to the target audience and even the location, all these factors can have an impact on how much you need to spend in order to achieve success. Understanding these factors is key to developing an effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy for your business in China. Request a free consultation to understand the costs.

Are there any specific challenges associated with digital marketing Services in China?

Digital marketing Services in China presents a unique set of challenges, due to the country's strict censorship laws and its large, tech-savvy population. Companies must be aware of the different regulations and cultural nuances when creating digital campaigns for Chinese consumers. Additionally, they must also be prepared to compete with local companies that are already well-versed in digital marketing tactics. This means that companies must be agile and creative in order to stand out from the competition and reach their target audience.

What Chinese social media sites and academic platforms should I monitor and track?

You should monitor and track mentions of your brand and products on Chinese social media sites and academic platforms such as Weibo, Sina Weibo, and Tencent QQ. You should also monitor and track mentions of your brand and products on Chinese social media sites and academic platforms that are not focused on the Chinese market, such as Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What platforms do you recommend for advertising effectiveness?

We offer expert recommendations on the most effective academic, social and video platforms for your brand. To set up, verify and manage a blog or video account, please visit our website. Our translators and localization services will help you create original content, based on feedback from your local stakeholders, including video abstracts from authors and interviews with editors.

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