Translation Samples

Business Management

Original Document

Translated Document

A native translator who is also a subject expert translates the original document

Cross Checked Document

The translated document is then checked by a cross checker for any translation errors


  • 1Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 2Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 3Revision made to improve clarity
  • 4Revision made to delete mistranslation
  • 5Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 6Revision made to correct mistranslation and add missing content
  • 7Revision made to correct mistranslation
  • 8Omitted text added
  • 9Omitted text added
  • 10Revision made to improve language clarity
  • 11Mistranslation

Reviewed/Edited Document

The cross checked document is then reviewed by an editor who improves the language to ensure better flow


  • 1In American English, double quotation marks are used.
  • 2Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 3The use of “such as,” “for example,” and “including” to introduce a list implies that the list is incomplete and contains more items or variables.
  • 4Once a term has been introduced with either italics or quotes, it need not be italicized or quoted at subsequent mentions.
  • 5Change to maintain consistency in terminology
  • 6“Additionally” implies “also” hence it is redundant here
  • 7Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 8Revision made to improve clarity
  • 9Revision made to delete mistranslation
  • 10This phrasing is incorrect as it uses both infinitive and gerund forms. It should either be “to meet” (infinitive) or “meeting” (gerund).
  • 11Revision made to correct mistranslated term
  • 12Numbers up to 9 are usually spelled out
  • 13Article incorrect
  • 14Revision made to correct mistranslated term and add missing content
  • 15Text was shifted to the end of the sentence for better flow of language and clarity.
  • 16Extra space deleted
  • 17Wordy text deleted
  • 18Revision made to correct mistranslation
  • 19A "two-way process" implies that the process involves interaction between both parties.
  • 20Using a comma in a "not only ... but also" construction is incorrect
  • 21Omitted text added
  • 22Omitted text added
  • 23Change made for parallelism - all noun forms used
  • 24Revision made to improve language clarity
  • 25This is redundant as we are aware who the supporting behaviors are for.
  • 26This information is redundant as “all these behaviors” implies the inclusion of all methods.
  • 27Revision made to correct mistranslation

Final Document

The final document is then delivered to client

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