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Information Technology Translations

Driving the Global Economy

IT has become a ubiquitous part of life in the 21st century, from the low-level codes and protocols that ensure that data is reliably transmitted across global networks to the high-level graphical user interfaces of consumer electronics. The intangible nature of IT products and services lends itself to the varied production capabilities of the Internet, leading to collaborations around the globe that would not have been feasible just a decade ago.

Ulatus has the tools and experience to help you offer your IT products and services on a truly global scale.

Translations For Systems And People

The growing strength of IT outsourcing and an expanding segment of the world’s population becoming interconnected through universal standards creates many opportunities for the savvy IT enterprise. However, taking advantage of these requires proactive engagement with both developers and customers in their own words.

With larger proportions of the IT industry moving to developing nations each year, translating and localizing IT and software development tools helps ensure that your products conform to the relevant global standards. In addition, with the number of consumers purchasing smartphones, tablets, and other devices continuing to increase across the globe, single-language applications essentially represent revenue left on the table.

Translating for IT requires an uncommon mix of skills. A translator must possess the technical expertise to understand the product and its functions in detail and must command the linguistic ability to clearly express this understanding within the bounds of a different language and culture. This task requires a level of professional expertise beyond what a generic native translator can provide.

Why Choose Ulatus?

Ulatus offers a complete range of translation and localization solutions custom-designed for your IT-related products and services. Whether you’re interested in localizing manuals for the end user, preparing API documentation for developers, or adapting your smartphone app for a foreign market, Ulatus can provide you with precise translations to fit your requirements. With Ulatus, you can be rest assured that your translation is being performed by professionals with both the practical, technical knowledge to understand the details of your project, as well as the technical writing abilities and cultural fluency to ensure that your translation reads smoothly and clearly in the target language.

Let Ulatus help you go global.

Affiliated With Some of the World’s Top Institutions

Ulatus’s commitment to quality and attention to details have helped us cultivate relationships with more than 61,000 clients from all across the globe, including prestigious corporations, universities, and organizations.

  • Sony Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • RR Donnelley
  • Pactera Technology International Ltd - China
  • Lookout Inc. USA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • The University of Sydney
  • Waseda University
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