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World's reputed academic publisher approaches Ulatus for double back translation Quality assurance for highly sensitive project for a renowned Psychometric test

Only a company with high skills and extensive experience can handle a translation assignment of such sensitivity and complexity. They paid close attention to all the requirements by investing time and reviewing each request with unvayring focus.

Project Summary

  • Client: A renowned academic publisher
  • Project details: Personality assessment system
  • Service: Double back translation
  • Source and target languages: English and Japanese
  • Discipline: Psychometrics
  • Volume: approx. 35,000 words
Leading Academic Publisher


  • Knowledge of Double Back Translation Under double back translation, the project required us to first forward translate the English text into Japanese and then back translate the Japanese translation into English using a different translation team without referencing the original text. Then, by comparing the source and back translated English version, we had to make the Japanese translation precise. Only a highly experienced organization with back translation knowledge can know the processes that are best for back translation service to deliver an accurate translation.
  • Precision, Precision, Precision The primary aim was to translate the meaning of the English words into Japanese as precisely as possible. The questionnaire had many synonyms such as daring and bold, and direct and blunt. Such terms cannot be translated in an isolated fashion, but the context has to be carefully considered. The English and the Japanese versions had to have the same assessment result. A slight change in meaning will directly affect the accuracy of the psychometric assessment and thereby the brand reliability.
  • Referencing Instructions for Translating Terms Each file had specific instructions for explaining the context, style, and the requirement. Many minute details had to be referenced for translating the questionnaire and the report.
  • Exceptional Bilingual Skills and Subject Matter Expertise Psychometrics as a subject area demands a highly meticulous bent of mind. We had to ensure that the translators, native checkers, and quality analysts are highly specialized in this discipline. The translators were expected to identify any odd term in the glossary list and change it to a suitable expression. For this particular job, it is more important to convey the meaning of the items correctly than it is to strictly follow the glossary.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges?

  • Terminology management using Multiterm We first translated all the English terms used in the Psychometrics test and the report into Japanese. Since accuracy and precision were highly important, we discussed the list with the client over a few round and finalized it. Multiterm was used for creating and managing terminology.
  • Forming a Team of Experts and Bilingual Subject Matter Specialists in Psychometrics We initiated a special recruitment process for hiring translators who were experts in Psychometrics. We already had some translators in this field but we wanted to try getting even better translators. Translators who had an outstanding performance in the tests and extensive experience were assigned to this project. We could have hired more translators to complete this project soon, but many translators working on a project poses an issue of consistency. Since the client’s priority was quality and not quick turnaround, we formed a small team focusing on high quality and accuracy. Translators were made to study and evaluate previous terminology/consistency reports in order to orient themselves to the assignment at hand.
  • Fine-Tuning Terminology While Translating The client had asked us to use a better expression if we found that the existing term in the glossary list prepared was odd in the context. We asked our translators to make a note of cases where they had a better suggestion and include the information in the delivery. We maintained the multi-term database and updated the list when a change was made to the terms.
  • On-going Consulting Client and Incorporating Real-Time Feedback We setup an integrated review and delivery system for translators, the client, and reviewers. The client wanted a batch-wise delivery and work hand in hand with the team. For both forward and back translation, the client reviewed every batch delivered. Any queries received were immediately resolved and suggestions were incorporated. Only after we received client’s approval for a batch, we moved onto the next batch of translation.
  • Providing a Thorough and Careful Back Translation Back translation requires high expertise meticulous working for translating the Japanese text back into English. Emphasis is laid on the conceptual and cultural equivalence and not linguistic equivalence. We conducted in-house quality checks to test if the words were translated as per the context. The file was delivered to the client and a 3rd Party Reviewer appointed by the client. The feedback received from the 3rd Party Reviewer was used to fine tune the Japanese translation.


We received high appreciation for our quality, precision, and project management. ZERO complaints received for the translation of this complex Psychometric assessment into Japanese!

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