Ulatus helps a Leading Automotive Company to Lower its Translation Cost by 75%

Japanese to English Translation for One of Japan’s Big Three Automotive CompaniesQuality achieved: Extensive dedication and determination brought superior quality translations to one of the leading multinational automobile corporation.

We are extremely pleased with the translation service received from Ulatus. The team was thorough and attentive in handling the project. They were very punctual and the translation was of superior quality. The team always went an extra mile to ensure all guidelines were followed and the graphics were formatted correctly.

Project Summary

  • Client: A Japanese public multinational corporation known for automobile manufacturing
  • Service: Japanese to English translation + DTP
  • Discipline: Automotive Engineering
  • Volume: 3,900,000 characters with daily output of around 28,000 characters
  • Translation Level: Translation + Translation check + Native check
Ulatus helps a Leading Automotive Company to Lower its Translation Cost by 75%


Our client required various automobile feature manuals, training and installation manuals, minutes of meeting, brochures, and website materials translated from Japanese to English. This global leader wanted to share content generated in the Japan facilities with the rest of their global offices.


  • Our client expected tight turnarounds without affecting translation quality.
  • The files contained highly technical terminology, complex graphs, and non-editable figures.
  • Numerous formatting instructions and an elaborate technical terminology list had to be followed.
  • The expected response time from the Client Servicing (CS) team was less than 15 minutes.
  • The client expected 100% on-time delivery.
  • The automotive manufacturer had zero error tolerance. In automotive translation, accuracy and precision are very crucial. Even a slight inaccuracy can have serious repercussions for the client and their brand.

Ulatus Solution

  • Content for automotive translation entails several complex engineering concepts and terms. When translating from a challenging language like Japanese to English, translators have to avoid any scope of misinterpretation or incorrect translation. Our Project Management (PM) team arranged for expert translators, checkers, and in-house proofreaders who are subject matter experts to ensure we provide technically accurate translations. They are familiar with terms used in the industry and have high experience in translating for the automotive sector.
  • Our dedicated PM and CS teams provided 24-hour support to the client to see to it that all deadlines were met and quality delivered matched the client’s expectation.
  • We used CAT tools to provide consistent and high quality translation including complete adherence to the technical terminology list. Translation memory helped accelerate the overall translation process. The project was translated systematically and accurately.
  • We set up a specialized formatting team to make certain that the files delivered met the specific formatting guidelines.
  • Our technical team localized complex images ensuring correct display by leveraging the right DTP tools.
  • Our project management software made sure no time was lost from the time files were received to the time files were delivered to client. This allowed us to reduce the turnaround time and satisfy the client’s expected deadlines.


  • Quality: Our client, a global leader in the automotive industry, was deeply impressed by our timely delivery, translation quality, and DTP work. On several instances after file delivery, we received “Excellent” rating for Translation Quality and Formatting. Client comments mentioned –
    “Your translator used the perfect technical terms and achieved good consistency.”
    “Good job!! Your translator is very good!!!! We are very pleased with this translator.”

  • Cost: Using CAT tools and our translation memory strategy helped reduced client cost-per-character by 75%.
  • Turnaround time: Our workflow software ensured that CS team responds to all client requests in less than 15 minutes and helped us achieve the tight turn-around times with 100% on-time delivery.

    Thanks to the combined efforts of our CS, PM, and linguist teams, we successfully completed and delivered the translation, which the client was glad to distribute globally!

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