With Ulatus’ Norwegian translation services, you can translate and localize your content to build a strong connect with the 5.2 Million+ Norwegian speaking people of the world. You can translate from English to Norwegian or 50+ languages and build a truly global brand. Our team of qualified Norwegian language translators can help you do just that.

Norwegian, a Germanic language, is the primary language of Norway and is mutually intelligible with Danish and Swedish. It has 4 main dialects; Northern Norwegian' (nordnorsk), 'Central Norwegian' (trøndersk), 'Western Norwegian' (vestlandsk), and 'Eastern Norwegian' (østnorsk) and 2 additional dialects 'Midland Norwegian' (midlandsmål) and/or 'South Norwegian' (sørlandsk). Though the dialects are easy to understand for any Norwegian speaking person, they differ in their accent, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

360-Degree Localization Solutions

Norway is a financial hub, a huge foreign trade market and one of the easiest countries to do business in. It boasts of a very high standard of living leading to an increased demand for quality products.


Ulatus can help you reach these Norwegian speaking people and grow your business globally. Though Norwegian is an easy language to learn and translate, managing multiple large scale projects becomes difficult. Partnering with Ulatus opens doors to cutting-edge translation technology and a large pool of translators who aren’t just certified but also are subject matter experts in different fields like technology, life science, academic research, etc. This is our way of guaranteeing 100% accurate translation and localization of your content that includes specific industrial terminology and common phrases.

Our translators are bilingual language experts and have a commendable vocabulary in Norwegian as well as the language you want to translate to or from. From our pool of 3000+ translators, we choose only those translators for your project who understand the culture of both languages so that the meaning of the original content continues to remain the same.

Ulatus is among the 1% of translation companies in the world to be ISO 17100:2015 certified; a certification only accredited to translation companies adhering to the stringent requirements essential for the delivery of quality translations. We’ve helped 200,000+ clients from 125+ locales worldwide with fast, accurate, and cost-effective translation services, maintaining a customer satisfaction score of 99.45%.

Different Services To Suit Your Needs

Ulatus offers three service levels to cater to your quality requirements.



High-quality, contextually impactful translation that leverages Ulatus’ technical superiority as well as the language and subject-matter expertise of our translators


Translation + Editing

Your translated document(s) undergoes a thorough language check by native English experts who edit and improve upon it to create an engaging piece of communication


Translation + Editing + Proofreading

The content is given a final review and proofread by our editors to deliver a polished, publish-ready write-up, designed to inform and impress your audience

Get 100% Accurate Norwegian Language Translation!

The Ulatus Advantage


Built-in proprietary technology for accurate translation


ISO 17100:2015 (Requirements for translation services) certified


Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

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We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions,
as aptly reflected by our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

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We ensure your documents are translated accurately


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