A Large Investment Bank

Largest international banking and financial services company avails weekend translations of its investment research reports  Managed a special request successfully: Weekend translations for the world's largest Bank

I was very impressed with the effective project management and since then I have been using this service for the past consecutive 4 years. Not only the UK base coordinates with the Ulatus but also our US office stays connected with them for more work. Their good strategy and planning achieved this most critical work.

Project Summary

  • Client: UK-based leading investment bank
  • Service: English to Japanese translation
  • Type: Reports on financial markets
  • Discipline: Finance
  • Volume: approx. 4,000 to 8,000 words every weekend
  • Translation Level: With Double Check (Translation + Translation check)
We continue delivering the files every weekend to the bank


  • Forming a Highly Specialized Team Translation of financial market reports needs high accuracy as any incorrect translation can cause heavy damage to the investors and ruin the client’s credibility. Thus, the translators need to be highly specialized and focused to handle the technical terms and well aware of the trends to accurately translate new developments and policies.
  • Establishing Weekend Operations for Translation Up-to-date information about financial markets is essential for institutional investors who are managing large sums of money. Our client wanted financial market reports generated on Friday from the UK office to be translated into Japanese and delivered to their Tokyo office by Monday morning. The challenge was to set up a dedicated team available for prompt translation over Saturday and Sunday. Most translators have their weekends off so having a stable team of translators working with us weekend after weekend was not easy.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges?

  • Designing an Automated Workflow Connecting Translators from Around the Globe To make the workflow as low management as possible, we decided to introduce an automated workflow. The workflow allows all parties to exchange information and files remotely, thus not requiring physical presence in office on Sundays. Our project managers assign the reports received from the UK office on Friday to the translators based in the US. Given the time difference between the UK and US, our translators in the US can start working on reports by Friday afternoon and thus get more time to work on the translation.
  • Appointing a Dedicated Translation Team to Work over the Weekend Ulatus has a vast network of freelance translators who are located around the world. Translators with experience in securities firms or financial consultancies and in financial translation were given tests and the top performers were selected who work on client files every weekend.
  • Additional Rounds of Cross-Check for Ensuring High Quality To leave no stone unturned in delivering high-quality translation, we implemented a final round of cross-checking before delivering the reports to the client. We wanted to make sure that the language is well polished and the content is cross-checked for accuracy. Our cross-checkers and quality auditors compare the original English and the translated Japanese reports to carefully check consistency in expressions, numbers, and usages of technical terms.


The client was highly impressed with the effective project management and since then has been using our service for the past 4 years every weekend. Not only has the client continued to use our services for the UK office, but also has started sending reports from the US office which is a great testimony to our commitment to client delight.

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