Go Global by Investing in Software Localization

software localization

If global expansion for your software is part of your roadmap for the year, then localization is one of the most beneficial investments you can make. Software localization takes your application across borders to reach new customers in a way that demonstrates that their region, language, and culture are important. By localizing your product to their native language and cultural norms, you will be giving your clients a software experience to which they can truly relate.

The idea of localization might sound daunting, but the benefits will make your time and financial investment completely worth it. Here are some compelling reasons to embark on it:

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

With so much competition in the software market, gaining a competitive advantage can be difficult. To stand out, businesses have to evolve into a global company, and a large part of that is through localization. Localizing your software for other markets gives people a solid reason to select your application over that of your competitors. Conversely, if you do not opt to localize, you will miss out on scores of possible customers who are willing to seek out a similar product in their native language from another company.

Bring Your Software to New Markets

When you make the decision to localize, you can open your business to several new markets. Ultimately, localization will help your company overcome cultural barriers, and your product will be more successful in markets in which customers feel like they are understood. With 23 languages making up half of the population worldwide, there are several prospects for localization that should not be missed.

Bring in More Revenue

Once you stand out among other companies and enter new markets, you will attract more customers. That, in turn, means an increase in sales and revenue, along with a significant boost to your business. Remember that customers are continuing to be more discerning in the products they choose, so localization will help inspire them to purchase your software. With 75% of people preferring to buy products in their own language, the case for localization is even stronger.

Improve Communication Across Borders

One of the most significant tactics for a company to take is to ensure that it has stellar communications; a business is more successful when a connection is established with customers. The best connections are made when you can communicate with people in their language. However, the idea of communication goes far beyond translation. It means understanding cultures, nuances, idioms, and many other aspects that make up a population.

Enhance Your Company’s Reputation

Building a strong global reputation is vital to your company’s long-term success. Localizing your software gives your business the opportunity to be known by wider audiences. As such, your reputation and brand will become more recognizable to countless customers. Localizing your software also provides great opportunities for marketing, further enhancing your reputation.

Give Clients a Better User Experience

When users can completely understand your software, they naturally will have a better experience with it. To properly localize, you will need to research your target market and make certain that you have a thorough understanding of your audience. By doing so, you can adapt all aspects of your software to your new market. A complete software localization approach involves customizing all aspects of the software, including graphics, text, videos, and content, to suit the users. By doing so, your customers will get the most out of using your software. Additionally, every dollar invested in user experience results in $10 to $100; that is an excellent return on your investment.

Generate More Feedback

As you attract more users, you will receive more feedback, which ultimately will help you make improvements to your software. This is beneficial to both your customers and your business; they will get a better experience, and you will improve your product and reach more clients.

With the global enterprise software market anticipated to reach $556 billion by 2021, investing in software localization is a significant step for your business. To achieve the best results with your localization, partner with a localization services provider.


If you want to expand your software to global markets, then software localization is a necessary investment for your business.

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