With the advancement of the medical devices industry, medical device manufacturers aim to fully access the global markets with the help of quick and accurate translations. Setting up a market for medical devices in a new country requires high degrees of precision in translating important specifications and instructions. It’s also imperative to adhere to cultural norms and practices while translating these documents. Ulatus ensures that all your medical device documents are translated with the highest level of accuracy. We understand the sensitive nature of these documents and are dedicated to providing quality translations in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Ulatus understands the complexity and the importance of integrating disciplines such as ISO 13485:2003 and the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) into your medical device translation. At Ulatus, the integrated state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer various file formats along with XML file tagging for easy mapping. We also employ a team of native translators with extensive experience in medical devices and a certificate from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having robust information security and quality management systems in place. We, at Ulatus, help you to pass the strict registration procedures, abide by every regulation, and meet the international language criteria enforced by the local government bodies.

A List Of Documents Which We Translate

  • Labels
  • Manuals
  • Quality System Document
  • Package Inserts
  • Regulatory Submission Dossier
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Instructions for Use
  • Technical Document
  • Patents

Ulatus Advantage

When it comes to localization solutions, Ulatus provides the most efficient structures and equipment to guarantee maximum quality in any project!

Specialized Subject-Area Matching
Specialized Subject-Area Matching
Quality-Driven Technology
Quality-Driven Technology
In-House Translation Expertise
In-House Expertise
24x7 Dedicated Localization Manager
24x7 Dedicated Localization Manager
ROI-Driven Localization Solutions
ROI-Driven Localization Solutions
ISO-Certified Processes
ISO-Certified Processes
Life science localization

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We ensure your documents are translated accurately

Japanese to English translator and checking
Japanese native translator
Translator of Clinical trials
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English to Traditional Chinese Translator
Scientific documents editors and writer

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We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get life sciences translation services by an expert?

Discoveries in the field of Life Sciences impact all aspects of life. When sharing findings with a multinational audience, it is crucial that nothing gets “lost in translation.” Ulatus, with an expert team of life science translators, will ensure that your peers receive your message the way it was intended.

Why should I choose Ulatus over another life science translation company?

Whether you intend to publish research results in world-renowned journals, present findings at international conferences and meetings, or develop policies and procedures for corporate and/or public communication, the Life Sciences translators at Ulatus are a perfect choice as they are not only experienced academic translators but also experts in your specific field. Our team will provide faithful representations of original research while making the output suitable for your target audience.

What life sciences regulations do I need to know about?

Life Sciences is one of the most heavily regulated industries and requires timeliness and accuracy in translation delivery. It should work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, or ISO 17100 regulations, which cover translation quality standards and information security. To ensure regulatory compliance, Ulatus has a team of life science specialists with expertise in working with local and international regulatory agencies.

How do I get an exact price for my life sciences translation services?

The best way to get the exact price for your life science translations is to fill up our quotation form. Once you fill & submit it, we will give you a consultation free of cost with no obligations.

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