Go International with the Help of a Translation Company

Translation Company

Expanding your business across borders will result in gaining countless new customers. However, embarking on translation and localization on your own could cause significant issues, including making translation mistakes and not paying close attention to a region’s cultural nuances. To make the best translation and localization decisions for your business, partner with a translation company. Here are the ways doing so can help your business:

Attract a Broader Audience

To increase your sales and expand your company, you will need to reach a larger number of possible customers. By communicating with people in their language, you can attract new customers, as well as retain them. A translation company can help you decide what market or language would be best for you to target. Once a decision is made and a project plan is created, the company can begin translating your website, marketing materials, and other resources that will attract your new customer base.

Develop Trust with Customers

Since a language services provider (LSP) will keenly understand your target market, it will also know how to speak to customers in a way that establishes trust. By paying attention to their culture, customs, and idioms, you can build that trust with clients. Additionally, choosing appropriate images and colors for the target region will increase the confidence that customers have in your company.

Gain Cultural Understanding

One of the most vital aspects of doing business in a new country is to become familiar with the language and the culture. Considering that there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world, this can be quite a challenge. As you work with professional translators on your project, you will become significantly more aware of important aspects of the region; this will help you even more as you seek to build relationships with the community.

Improve Communication with Customers and Suppliers

As you enter a new market, you will have to be able to successfully communicate with both clients and suppliers. Failing to do so will have a tremendous impact on your business. By communicating with customers and suppliers in their native languages, you will prevent big and small misunderstandings that can undermine what you are trying to achieve. Through your partnership with a translation company, you can improve your own communication with people in the region.

Make Your Translation Project the Best it Can Be

Ultimately, working with an LSP will ensure that your translation project is the best possible. Here are some of the ways an LSP can help:

  • Eliminate Errors Caused by Machine Translation. If you decide to embark on your translation project relying solely on machine translation, it is important to realize that there will likely be numerous mistakes in your end product. While machine translation applications that you can find online have their place, they cannot compete with the quality that an LSP can provide. In one study that had machines competing against human translators, 90 percent of the content that the machines translated was grammatically awkward. Although a translation company might use machine translation, it will be part of a larger translation process that takes numerous factors into consideration.
  • Ensure Top-Notch Quality Control. As part of the goal to ensure your output is error-free, an LSP will have a strong quality-control system in place. If you are thinking about developing a translation team within your business, remember that it would likely be difficult to guarantee quality control across your entire project. In contrast, your LSP partner will have a team of experts who can make certain that all aspects of the translation or localization are precise.
  • Save Money and Time. Although hiring an LSP is an expense, it will save you time and money in the end. Imagine doing the work in-house or purchasing a software to do the work, then you discover that many avoidable mistakes were made. Having to go through the translation process all over again will cost more money, as well as time. This is especially significant if you are translating content into multiple languages.
  • Work with a Team of Trained Linguists and SMEs. When you contract with an LSP, you can feel confident that you are working with both trained linguists and subject matter experts (SMEs) who know your source and target languages, along with the subject area. As an example of the importance of this combination of experts, think about legal or medical documentation. One mistake can make a tremendous impact on the outcome of the project, possibly putting livelihoods or even lives in danger. However, these grave errors can be avoided by working with the team of experts that an LSP provides.

With worldwide retail e-commerce revenues expected to increase to $6.54 trillion in 2022, now is the time to grow internationally with the help of a translation company.


Partnering with a translation company can help you grow your business and increase your sales. By expanding across borders, your company can attract countless new customers.

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