The Rising Need for Korean Translation

With Korea ranked first in the world in innovation, the region has become a mecca for new ventures. Additionally, South Korea retail e-commerce is projected to soar to nearly $107 billion by 2024, making it clear that the number of businesses in the area will continue to surge. As a result, now is an excellent time to partner with a language services provider for Korean translation.

Business Opportunities for Expanding to Korean Markets

As more businesses continue to expand into Korean markets, there are many opportunities for growth of startups, as well as expansion of large corporations. This is especially true, considering that Korea is ranked sixteenth in the best countries for business.

Some of the business opportunities in Korea include:

  • E-commerce – With South Korea having the fastest internet speed worldwide, bringing your web-based business to Korea will provide a viable opportunity for growth.
  • Technology – Since South Korea ranks ninth in the number of internet users in Asia, it is an excellent choice for new platform and software launches.
  • FinTech – As a result of a focus by the Korean government to support fintech development, Korea is a great place for fintech expansion. Korea is already known for its growth in technology, and it has the infrastructure in place for a fintech surge.
  • Fashion With the influence of K-Pop and other arts trends from Korea, the fashion scene is booming. Estimated to grow to more than $26 million by 2024, the fashion world can expect to reach many new customers by entering the Korean market.

Growth of Korean industries into New Markets

Along with companies expanding to Korea, many industries from the region are seeking international growth as well. In South Korea,  85.5% of all small and medium enterprises are exploring the options to bring their companies overseas.

Perhaps one of the most well-known industries to expand to other markets from Korea is the cosmetics industry. Following a jump to $3.92 billion in 2017, South Korea’s cosmetics exports continue to expand. With a focus on health and wellness, Korean beauty products aim to give customers a more natural look Additionally, packaging of the products tend to be visually appealing, and the prices of the products are reasonable. With all of these factors in place, international customers can expect to see even more Korean cosmetic products becoming available in their markets. As such, Korean cosmetic companies interested in entering new markets can seek the assistance of a Korean translation company that can translate its beauty inserts, instructions, and packaging details.

Partnering with the Right LSP

Whether your company is expanding to Korea or from Korea to other locations, finding the right Korean translation services to help you with your translation needs is critical to the success of the project. Here are some ways that an LSP can help with your Korean translation work:

  • Websites – Translating and localizing content for your website is a critical step when entering new markets. Like most languages, the nuances of the Korean language can make translation challenging. Since a company’s website is often its point of entry with a customer, carefully addressing the cultural nuances will help ensure that the customer has a positive experience with the website.
  • Marketing materials – Effective marketing can greatly influence the success of a company when entering a new market. As such, hiring native speakers of the Korean language to translate the materials is vital to getting the right message out to customers.
  • Document translation – Whether your product is in FinTech or medical technology, chances are that you have a myriad of documentation that needs to be translated to or from the Korean language. Top-notch translation requires having an expert in the field who understands the area being translated, along with having a complete understanding of the Korean language.

With the Korean government offering the highest backing per capita for startup companies, more companies will continue to move into the market. If your company is developing into Korea or from Korea to other countries, contact Ulatus for your translation needs.


Korea is ranked sixteenth in the best countries for business, which is one of the many reasons that companies are expanding into the Korean market. Conversely, industries in Korea are seeking to enter new international markets. In both of these scenarios, the need for Korean translation is growing.

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