The Importance of Transcription Services for Your Business

Transcription Services

Businesses are required to keep an accurate account of their communications and often rely on different forms of note-taking of valuable pieces of information (i.e., business meetings, interviews or legal proceedings). Whether it’s conference calls or keynote speeches, it is helpful for businesses to have a detailed written account of information to reference at a later stage. Taking notes though is not enough: transcription is much more efficient, as it is done retroactively from the digital audio file and it captures the comprehensive account of all details. Transcribers provide a much more accurate account than somebody who is simply taking notes, as they can go back and check the recording many times and make sure that the transcript is as good as possible.

Advantages of Professional Transcription Services

More and more businesses have been outsourcing business transcription to transcription service providers, instead of having a staff member do the job. Outsourcing the job is much more cost effective, as simply recording and sending out the audio file for transcription is less costly than having a staff member take notes or type out all proceedings (whether it is meetings, brainstorming sessions or interviews). Though essential, the process of converting audio files into text format can very time consuming, and more business have opted to outsource it instead of dealing with it in house.

Just as LSPs employ highly-skilled and qualified translators, transcription service providers achieve higher levels of accuracy employing qualified business transcriptionists, who are accustomed to transcribing a variety of accents and pronunciations. Moreover, transcription services are able to handle a variety of input file formats (i.e. mp3, wav etc.) and are able to deliver the output files in the formats specified by the costumer (usually either word documents or .TXT files).

Transcription service providers are able to streamline the process and with the help of project managers, they can lift the transcription burden from a company, which now has freed up more time to focus on its core business activities. Outsourcing also eases the burden from the IT department to have to troubleshoot, in addition to not adding any IT department maintenance costs.

Finally outsourcing transcription can be more effective at meeting the transcription volume needed on an on-demand basis. Outsourcing transcriptions to a specialized company can better guarantee quality and speedy results, regardless of the volume at any one time. Most transcription service companies guarantee that all taped recordings will be transcribed and delivered with the same turnaround time.


Businesses are required to keep an accurate account of their meetings and various communications and often simple notes aren’t enough to retain searchable records. Redacting a detailed written account of proceedings can be very time consuming, and not as efficient if handled in house. Outsourcing the work to professional transcription services can prove to be the fasted and most effective strategy.

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