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Expand Your Business with Professional English to Turkish Translations

Turkish Translation

With a fast-growing economy, Turkey is becoming a thriving location for businesses that want to expand into international markets. The country is attracting investors from across the globe, and the US considers it to be one of the best countries for business growth. To maximize the opportunities that Turkey has to offer, work with a professional translation company to translate your products and services to the Turkish language.

The Advantages of Turkish Translations

As more companies are considering Turkey as a place to seek new clients, it is clear that there are numerous reasons to embark on English to Turkish translations, including:

  • About 78.9 million people worldwide speak Turkish. The majority of native Turkish speakers live in Turkey, where it is the official language. However, large numbers of people who speak Turkish can be found in Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France, and several other countries.
  • Turkey crosses two continents. Turkey is uniquely situated across two continents, with the main part of the country located in Asia and the other part positioned in Europe. Its geographic location can give your English to Turkish translations an advantage by entering more than one international region.
  • Turkish cities are becoming economic and cultural meccas. As Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul is considered to be a global hub, as well as the primary cultural and economic center of the country. Turkey is also the home of Antalya, the largest city on the Mediterranean, which is the main attraction for tourism.
  • The Turkish language is prominent within various career fields. Rapidly becoming a critical language, Turkish is prominent in many careers, including technology, cybersecurity, finance, law, government, and hospitality. As a result, there are numerous markets your business can tap into with Turkish translations.

The Need for a Professional Turkish Translation Service

When you are ready to start your translation project, it is vital to work with a professional Turkish translation service to ensure that the essence of the language is properly captured. Take a look at some of the reasons you should partner with a translation company:

  • The Turkish language has high standards. In fact, the Turkish Language Association is tasked with regulating the language and overseeing Turkish grammar and vocabulary. One of the primary goals of the organization was to ensure that the majority of the words in the language were derived from Turkish origin.
  • The English language is not widely spoken in Turkey. Actually, less than one-fifth of the population speaks English, even though English is taught in Turkish schools. As a result, working with an English to Turkish translation service is the best way to ensure that your translations resonate with native Turkish speakers.
  • Respect is important in Turkish. In the Turkish language, it is considered impolite to address a person by just their name; therefore, titles often accompany names. If a person’s name is unknown, they would be called hanimefendi for madam or beyefendi for sir. The language’s use of honorifics demonstrates the significance of various levels of respect and politeness, which native Turkish translators would know how to address.
  • There are unique rules around suffixes. Turkish is one of the few agglutinative languages that adds prefixes and suffixes to make one word instead of using a few individual words to say something. As such, three separate words in English might equal one word in Turkish. Additionally, Turkish uses vowel harmony, meaning that vowels in words follow a particular pattern; it is primarily used when deciding which vowels should be utilized when adding a suffix to a word.

As a country, Turkey is focusing on its future by developing strategies for employment opportunities, investments, and exportation. Motivated by the goal to become one of the top 10 global economies by 2023, the country is expected to continue to soar. As such, there is a tremendous future in Turkish translations. To ensure top-notch translation results, partner with a Turkish translation service.


With a rapidly-growing economy, Turkey is becoming a primary location for business expansion. To maximize the opportunities that Turkey has to offer, work with a professional translation company to translate your products and services to the Turkish language.

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