Translations Made Simple: The Usefulness of Translation Apps

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Using translation apps is an efficient way to eliminate language barriers and ensure communication between people who speak different languages. Whether the communication is a simple message between friends or something more intricate, such as for conducting business or taking a trip abroad, there are many advantages to using a translation app.

Why is Using a Translation App a Good Idea?

As translation apps have become more popular, they have also evolved and improved. One of the most well-known translation apps is Google Translate, which has more than 500 million users worldwide.

Part of the reason such apps have become so popular is because of the ease and speed of having a translator right there at your fingertips. There are numerous reasons why you should consider using translations apps, including:

  • Traveling to other countries. Navigating your way in other countries can be exciting and challenging, with one of the biggest challenges being the language barrier. Using translation apps can help with simple requests, like getting directions, ordering food, or reading signs. With 79 million U.S. citizens traveling abroad in 2019, translation apps for travelers is clearly a vital service.
  • Helping as you learn a new language. As more people continue to want to learn new languages, translation apps can assist with their endeavor. While a translation app cannot replace actual learning, it can help overcome some of the language difficulties.
  • Communicating with friends. With 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, people are communicating virtually with others more than ever. As such, communicating with friends from other regions is easier with the help of translation apps. When a friend posts something in their language, you can quickly translate it to understand what they have said.
  • Talking with prospective clients. In our global economy, many companies have prospective clients throughout the world. If someone is interested in your product or service, being able to communicate with them in their language is vital. Having a translation app means that you can efficiently look up the right words to say to communicate your message.
  • Participating in global meetings. In your business, you might need to have large group meetings with employees across the globe. Whether the meeting is in person or virtual, having an app to translate the conversation would be useful.

Take a Look at Some of the Most Useful Translator Apps

With different interfaces, costs, and functionality, there are many options to consider when deciding on an app to meet your needs. Here are some of the best apps available to think about using, depending on your goals.

Meet Your Business Requirements

  • Microsoft Translator is excellent for large group meetings, because it translates numerous dialects at the same time, all as part of one conversation.
  • TextGrabber allows you to easily read communications from colleagues across the globe. Simply point your device’s camera at the text you want to read, and it will translate it to other languages.

Travel Abroad with Confidence

  • TripLingo is great for traveling to other countries because it allows immediate text and voice translations in 42 languages, while also providing guidelines on local etiquette and customs. In addition, it provides quick access to safety and medical phrasing.
  • Waygo is perfect for trips to Asia, where Japanese kanji, Chinese hanzi, and Korean hanja characters are used, particularly because it can interpret and translate both horizontal and vertical text.

Enjoy Casual Communication

  • iTranslate easily facilitates casual conversation, especially since it translates text into over 100 languages. A bonus is its slowdown audio playback feature to easily listen to the translated phrase again.
  • SayHi ensures quick communication in 90 languages with colleagues or friends. When you speak into your device, the app will translate your words into a message that your friend can see and hear.

Have Fun with a Multi-Function Translator

  • Google Translate is an outstanding choice to meet numerous needs. It works with more than 100 languages that can be automatically identified and translated by voice, text, and character recognition. Additionally, users can take pictures of signs and have them instantly translated.

Translation apps are great for many reasons, but for larger translation needs, partnering with a translation company is an excellent option. By working with an LSP, you can be certain that all of the intricate details of your translation are completely accurate and that your translation project is the best it can be.


With so many reasons to communicate with others across the globe, translation apps are becoming more popular. Take a look at some of the best translation apps that can suit your needs.

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