The 10 Biggest Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translation Service

Professional Translation Service

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to go global to attract new customers and enter international markets. While expanding across borders might seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. In fact, the process can be affordable, efficient, and seamless, if you work with a professional translation service, instead of hiring individual translators or attempting to do the work in-house.

Partnering with a translation service has numerous advantages. Here are the top 10 benefits to hiring a professional translation service as you start your journey into international regions.

Translations Will Be Precise

At its core, your translation has to be precise; one mistake can change the entire meaning of your document, and your business will immediately lose credibility. Document translation can be straightforward or complicated, based on the type of content that is being translated. For instance, text in the medical, legal, or financial fields can be highly technical and specific, with its own set of terminology. By working with a translation service, you can be certain that the information, no matter how specialized, will be translated properly.

Go Beyond Translation with Localization

When you enter a new market, just translating your content is often not enough, depending on the nature of the project. Instead, your content might need to be localized to adapt it to suit the local culture. Localization ensures that all aspects of the project conform to the preferences of the target market, including colors, design, images, currency, time, date, and numerous other features. Because translators from a professional translation company are native speakers of the language, they understand the local culture and preferences of the target customers. As such, they will make certain that all content is appropriate for the region.

Work with Expert Translators

When you hire a professional translation service, you are gaining access to carefully screened translators who have excellent qualifications and advanced degrees. The language services provider (LSP) will make certain that you are paired with a translator who is a native speaker with extensive experience working on similar projects. Additionally, the translator will be a subject matter expert in your field, so you are guaranteed that they understand the jargon of your industry.

Utilize an LSP’s Marketing Services

Once you have decided to translate and localize your product, the next step to consider is marketing. A translation company has all of the tools in place to help you market your newly localized service to the target market. One of the first steps of marketing will be to localize your website to the region. Remember, your website will likely be the first point of contact that a customer has with your business, so it is essential that the website is localized properly by taking into consideration all of the cultural nuances of the area.

Translation Companies Can Handle Complicated Projects

Translation companies can successfully manage projects of all scopes, from a basic translation to a multilingual complex localization. If the localization venture entails translating content into multiple languages, then the translation service can easily meet those needs. However, if you opt to seek individual freelance translators, you will have to find several qualified people to complete the work.

A Project Team Ensures Efficiency

A great benefit from partnering with an LSP is that the company will have established processes that ensure workflow efficiency. You will have a dedicated team that includes a project manager, translators, proofreaders, and other members to work on your translation. The project manager will be available to keep you updated on the progress, as well as address any concerns you have along the way.

The Specifics of Your Industry Will be Addressed

By working with an LSP who specializes in your industry, you can be certain that the project team understands the unique nuances and terminology that are part of your field. For instance, if you want to localize an e-learning course, then you need a translator who can work within learning management systems and can integrate all aspects of the course. A general translator might be able to transfer the words from one language to another, but they will not fully grasp the intricacies involved with e-learning.

Quality is Guaranteed

The most important aspect of your translation and localization project is quality assurance, which is a critical advantage of hiring a translation service. Without a set quality management system in place, your translation will have mistakes, which will affect the entire outcome of the translation. Working with an LSP that is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) means that the company meets robust standards for quality management, especially if the LSP is in the 1% of translation companies in the world to be ISO 17100:2015 certified.

Translation Companies Use Premier Technology

Translation companies use a variety of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to assist with projects. At Ulatus, our CAT tool helps to make large projects run efficiently by creating standardized terminology databases and aggregating glossaries for uniformity, as well as separating text into easily translatable units.

Roadmap for Continual Expansion

After completing your translation project with the LSP, you will have a path forward for ongoing growth. With the help of translation tools, such as translation databases, the LSP will have terminology easily accessible for future translations. Additionally, since the LSP will know your business, it can conduct market research and analyses to help you determine the next market you should consider entering.

As you decide on your business expansion plans, consider which global markets would propel your company’s growth. To ensure that your translation and localization ventures are successful, partner with a professional translation company; the outcome of your project depends on it.


One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to go global to attract new customers and enter international markets. With the help of a professional translation service, the process can be affordable, efficient, and seamless.

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