Exemplary publication-ready Turkish translation for a Full Professor, Dean of the
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Montenegro

Because of our expertise, we exceeded Dr. Tatjana Novovic’s expectation, whose paper was accepted quickly by a top journal.

I am very impressed with the high quality of translation done and we really appreciate everything you have done. We also intend to use your services in the future. I also wish to inform you that the Journal accepted the translation without further proofreading and the submission will be published in the next issue.
On behalf of the authors and myself I would like to thank you once again for your immense help in resolving this problem. We really appreciate everything you have done and we hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you again.

Project Summary

Dr. Tatjana Novovic's
  • Service: Without Double Check
  • Language Pair: English to Turkish
  • Specialization: Child Psychology
  • Volume: 12053 Words
  • Formatting: Journal formatting required
  • Link: http://egitimvebilim.ted.org.tr/index.php/EB/article/view/7753

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Since 2015, our client Dr. Tatjana Novovic, a full professor, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Montenegro, has been teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy for the following subjects: Preschool pedagogy, family pedagogy, early childhood pedagogy in the study programs for pedagogy and preschool education. She is the head of the Preschool Education Program, as well as the Master's Program for Inclusive Education.

She was the coordinator of the TEMPUS project FOSFIM (2012-2015), EACEA No. 25/2011, 530766, 1-2012-1-ME-TEMPUS-SMHES, as well as national scientific research project: “The effects of the reform changes from W -school educational context in Montenegro” (2012-2014). The project holder was the University of Montenegro – Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

She is engaged in research in the field of preschool pedagogy and inclusive education. She has published 40+ scientific & professional papers and participated in several international scientific conferences.

Dr. Tatjana Novovic was looking for a translation partner who could translate her research into Turkish and format it as per the journal guidelines.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Delivering a Ready-to-Publish file

The client had written her research in English and wanted us to translate it to Turkish and format it as per Egitim ve Bilim journal guidelines. Considering the complexity of the subject area along with journal formatting, the author wanted assurance that the translation would not vary from her research and is formatted as per Instructions to Author (ITA) guidelines.

Finding a Turkish native translator who specialized in Child Psychology

It was a mighty task to find a translator whose translation style and expertise in Child Psychology matched the client’s requirements. We were expected to appoint a linguist who had the right qualification and skills to translate the research without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the content.

A long way off transition – formatting as per journal guidelines in the native language

This was an unusual assignment for us. The client expected us to format her research as per the journal guidelines for a Turkish journal. Hence, it was of utmost importance that the linguist assigned to this project was well versed with journal formatting so that the layout of the translated text met the guidelines for the research to get published quickly.

Solution provided by Ulatus to client

An exclusive & smart in-house AI tool to choose the most suitable linguist

Our proprietary in-house AI tool helps us to automatically select an ideal linguist required for a project. This selection is based on an innovative method and logic which is incorporated in our project management workflow system. Based on the content, a list of highly skilled linguists is generated – this helped us in selecting an expert linguist to work on this high-profile language-sensitive project.

An expert native Turkish linguist leads to client delight through his knowledge & language skills

Translating psychology papers isn’t simply about translating words – science and perceptions of reality come into play as well. The linguist selected for this project was a PhD in Psychology and MA in English with 10+ years of experience in the translation industry. Also, he had experience in the field of Child Psychology. Being a Turkish native, he had a deep understating of the source and target cultures. He is also a language instructor at a reputable university in Turkey and has a high degree of self-awareness. Being such an experienced linguist, he knew how to balance respect for the source text and a need to shape the elements in the target language.

The last straw: Journal Formatting

Considering his immense experience in the translation industry, the linguist was competent in native journal formatting as he already had considerable research papers published under his name. After completing the translation, the assignment was exquisitely formatted by him as per the journal guidelines. This impressed the client since the paper was accepted and published by the journal without any concern and the client relayed this feedback about our quality of work – "I wish to inform you that the Journal accepted the translation without further proofreading and the submission will be published in the next issue."

Project Overview

  • Overcame the unique challenge of native journal formatting and got everything right on the first attempt.
  • Expert linguist selected based on the recommendation of our smart in-house AI language tool.
  • Delivered a publication-ready, superior-quality translation in Turkish.
  • Received exemplary remarks from the client for our efforts in delivering error-free translation, which the journal accepted and published right away.

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