Agile Translation and Localization

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Through agile localization, we connect all the different parts in each project, helping to maintain efficient communication thanks to automated processes and state-of-the-art tools. Our experts will work hand in hand with your team at every stage, consequently speeding up the process. These are the best practices we deliver:



which offers in-country reviewers available for any requirements developers might have at any step of the process.


Our Localization Team

is strongly inclusive of the overall group at every stage.


A Pre Assessment Takes Place

to properly internationalize, avoiding workarounds and setbacks.


Automated Processes Provided By Ulatus

allow linguists and your team to send and receive strings for optimal localization

With Agile localization, you will receive amazing, exclusive treatment from a specialized team determined to go above and beyond to meet every one of your needs.

Agile Localization Encompasses Powerful USPs:

Quicker Organizational Planning:

This system allows developers and translators to work through segments, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Fewer Bottlenecks:

Workflow implies constant updates that solve problems as they come, improving results on both parts.

More Frequent User Feedback:

Updates are an essential part of the process, basing short term decisions on recurrent feedback.

Improved Time-To-Market:

The product development process is an essential component of time, and agile localization accelerates the process considerably.

Integrating Testing Throughout the Lifecycle:

Testing the content after it’s translated. Testing translations and functional errors helps solve issues and improve consistency throughout the whole project.

Ability for Requirements to Emerge and Evolve:

Specifications are met thoroughly as workflow progresses step by step.

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