Key Benefits of Long-Term Localization Program

Quality-Driven Technology

Quality Benchmarks:

More than 650 English specialists with ISO certification and a Translation Quality Management System.

Technology Integration Flexibility

Technology Integration Flexibility:

Technology can be personalized and more easily adapted according to needs.

ROI-Driven Localization Solutions

Cost to Quality Balanced Workflow Options:

Totally customized software that allows you to streamline processes

Agility Towards Implementing Multiple Workflows

Agility Towards Implementing Multiple Workflows:

System allows developers and translators to work through segments, increasing productivity and efficiency

Development Of Your Linguistic Assets

Development of Your Linguistic Assets:

Glossaries, style guides, and translation memory systems organized and improved upon to ensure up-to-date accuracy and translation precision.

Our Hybrid Models Are Ready to Meet Every One of Your Needs

Ulatus' main goal is to facilitate translation and localization processes by offering state-of-the-art tools managed by experts in several fields. The hybrid localization model allows translators to choose the latest tools that work best for them to promise optimal workflows and guaranteed results.

It essentially works as a "customized piecemeal technology solution", adapting to the user's ultimate translation needs.

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We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

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