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Discoveries in the field of Life Sciences impact all aspects of life. Across the globe, professionals are harnessing ever-evolving tools and cutting-edge technology to further our understanding of life on earth. When sharing their findings with a multinational audience, it is imperative that nothing gets “lost in translation.”

Ulatus can help make sure your peers are receiving your intended message.

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“Life Sciences” encompass diverse disciplines such as microbiology, plant sciences, biology, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, animal health, zoology, and environmental studies, and at times it also incorporates physical, chemical, and medicinal aspects. Among this diversity is a common aim of individuals in this field, along with their affiliated institute or organization: to establish local and international presence.

Why Choose Ulatus?

Whether your intention is to publish research results in world-renowned journals, present findings at international conferences and meetings, or develop policies and procedures for corporate and/or public communication, the Life Sciences translators at Ulatus are not only experienced academic translators, they are experts in your particular field. Our team will provide faithful representations of original research while making the output suitable for your target audience.

Clear and accurate communication forms both the basis and stimulus for global scientific collaboration, and our services can benefit everyone across all branches of Life Sciences—from ESL students struggling to complete theses to research workers compiling proposals for international regulatory committees and parent companies.

Ulatus offers the ultimate solution in your quest to share your findings.

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Ulatus’s commitment to quality and attention to details have helped us cultivate relationships with more than 61,000 clients from all across the globe, including prestigious corporations, universities, and organizations.

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