Successfully executed a 24-hour translation system for a multi-national pharmaceutical company SanofiTranslations for all the assigned pharmaceutical reports were accurately delivered within 24 hours every single day!

Through their excellent project management system, Ulatus surpassed all my expectations and passed fairly. Given the demands of this project, it was difficult to meet my requirements but Ulatus successfully delivered my work following the timelines and high-quality standards. It is a miracle company.

Project Summary

  • Service: Japanese to English translation
  • Files: Adverse event reports developed by the council for International organizations of Medical Science (CIOMS)
  • Disciplines: Medicine and pharmacy
  • Volume: Avg. 50 CIOMS a day
  • Translation Level: Translation + Translation Check
Sanofi - A Multinational Pharmaceutical Company


  • Translating 50 CIOMS Forms per Day with a 24-hour Turnaround for Each Form The pharma giant required CIOMS forms translated at a very high turnaround time. The time for receiving the forms was not fixed and they could arrive anytime during business hours. Each form had to be delivered within 24 hours from the time it was received. The client required round-the-clock assistance and quick high-quality translations.
  • Setting up a Smooth, Reliable Translation Team Since the turnaround time was very short and the assignments could come anytime, it was challenging to have a pool of translators on this project who could be relied upon for every single assignment. There were days when 100+ forms had to be translated without prior intimation!
  • Implementing Strong Project Management The project management team had to ensure that all the complicated client requirements were met. The forms received from the client had to be checked if they were initial reports or revised reports. In the revised reports, only the additional sections had to be translated. For each revised report, we had to refer to its initial report and identify the updated sections.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges?

  • Assigned 30 Expert Translators Dedicated to the Project We selected 30 excellent translators to work solely on this project. Only those specializing in medical and pharmaceutical sciences and with prior experience of translating pharmaceutical case reports were appointed. A few translators were also assigned to serve as backups in case any of the 30 translators were not available due to unforeseen circumstances. To fulfill the 24-h delivery promise and have the maximum time coverage, we had to make sure that the translators were from different time zones. Since we have a large database of 650 translators, we could arrange for a high number of translators with backups to work on the project.
  • Built an Automated Workflow System Given the huge back and forth of files and peculiarities of this project, we realized that a regular workflow would not work for this project. We were quick to build an automated workflow system exclusively for the client to take care of their requirements. This tremendously reduced the time spent between receiving the forms and beginning the translation process as everything was automated. There was no need for the client to first approach our client servicing team with the file or for the project management team to assign the file to the translator(s). The customized workflow took care of it all. The client could view the progress of the reports real-time by visiting MY PAGE on the system.
  • Implementing In-house Quality Checks We initiated a “maker and checker” concept for this project to be sure nothing was missed in the time pressure. Our Project Management tem checked each step of the process and made sure that all assignments were well on track. For identifying the initial and the revised reports, both the team as well as the translator(s) checked the files and ensured that only the updated parts were translated.
  • Timely and Swift Communication System Between Various Parties Given the short time available and the quality promise we offer to our clients, it was critical to have all parties in the translation chain interact with each other promptly and effectively without losing any time. Our proprietary communication platform—UlatusCommunicate—worked just perfectly to get all remotely working parties together to work as an effective team and deliver nothing less than the best.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction through Convening Quality Review Meetings Once a Week We had to accurately follow a huge list of drug names provided by the client. To ensure that the English translation followed the accurate terminology, we sent the forms for Native Check after translation. Our sales team in Japan visited the client every week for a quality review and shared feedback with the project manager. Following our value of Kaizen, we ensured that all client feedback was incorporated, and we delivered quality translation at a short turnaround time day in day out.


  • Achieved high accuracy and high-speed translation
  • Continuously delivered around 50 CIOMS forms per day (highest being 136 forms on a day) with a 24-hour turnaround for each form

We successfully translated the files from Japanese to English at a 24-hr turnaround time for approximately a year. Our client was thoroughly impressed with our time management, deadline adherence, and high quality translation.

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