With Ulatus’ Simplified Chinese translation services, you can translate and localize your content to build a strong connect with the 1.5 Billion+ Chinese speaking people of the world. Our team of qualified language translators can also help you translate your content from Simplified Chinese to 50+ languages and build a truly global brand.

Simplified Chinese is the primary language of Mainland China and Singapore. Chinese is the most spoken languages in the world (one in six people in the world speak Chinese as a native or second language). It is also one of the toughest languages to learn since it is a tonal language and uses thousands of logograms. Unlike the English alphabet which represents a sound, each Chinese character has a meaning of its own and they vary according to dialects.

360-Degree Localization Solutions

That’s why the People's Republic of China introduced Simplified Chinese; to improve literacy and make it easier for people to understand and remember written Chinese. The new form of writing uses 30-40% less characters and strokes making it much easier to recall characters.

We offer Simplified Chinese translation services that cater to various industries:

  • Information Technology:

    Designed for the IT services and manufacturing industry, we can help you translate and localize your tech websites, apps, videos, product manuals, specs documents, and high-level academic research papers.

  • Banking and Finance:

    Services for the banking and finance sector that include translation, editing and proof reading commercial banking, asset management, investment banking and insurance documents.

  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medical:

    Translations by subject matter experts in your field of scientific research ensuring successful clinical trial and regulatory submissions, medical device translations and linguistic validation.

  • Academic:

    We help you get published in international scientific journals and share your work with collaborators in different countries.

  • E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality:

    Designed to bring you more business, we help you with website and app localization, marketing material localization, and multimedia solutions.

  • eLearning:

    We help improve your e-learning training modules and videos by ensuring your content is consistent and scalable.

We assign your projects only to translators who are subject-matter experts with at least a decade of experience in your field. And hence, your paper on Neurology will only be translated by an MD in Neurology, not by a specialist in Medical Sciences. This is our way of guaranteeing 100% accurate translation and localization of your content.

Ulatus is among the 1% of translation companies in the world to be ISO 17100:2015 certified; a certification only accredited to translation companies adhering to the stringent requirements essential for the delivery of quality translations. We’ve helped 200,000+ clients from 125+ locales worldwide with fast, accurate, and cost-effective translation services, maintaining a customer satisfaction score of 99.45%.

Different Services To Suit Your Translation Needs

Ulatus offers three service levels to cater to your quality requirements.


High-quality, contextually impactful translation that leverages Ulatus’ technical superiority as well as the language and subject-matter expertise of our translators

Translation + Editing

Your translated document(s) undergoes a thorough language check by native English experts who edit and improve upon it to create an engaging piece of communication

Translation + Editing + Proofreading

The content is given a final review and proofread by our editors to deliver a polished, publish-ready write-up, designed to inform and impress your audience

Get 100% Accurate Simplified Chinese Translation!

The Ulatus Advantage

Proprietary technology for accurate translation

Built-in proprietary technology for accurate translation

ISO 17100:2015 translation certified

ISO 17100:2015 (Requirements for translation services) certified

Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

Multiple CAT tools to reduce costs

Clients & Testimonials

We are trusted globally for delivering quality translation and localization solutions as aptly reflected by
our customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

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We ensure your documents are translated accurately

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Simplified Chinese Translator
Traditional Chinese Language Translator
Simplified Chinese Translator
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