Leading fabless company engaged in advanced memory technology and IC solutions

Ulatus helped localize the English website in Chinese for GigaDevice, one of the pioneers in semiconductor technology, and currently ranked number three in the world in the Flash Memory market segment with more than 1 billion units shipped every year.

Project Summary

Book Localization
  • Service name: Website Localization
  • Language Pair: English to Chinese
  • Word count: 62,052 words
  • Website: https://www.gigadevice.com/zh-hans/
  • Industry: Memory technology and IC solutions

Background & Project Requirement

GigaDevice, founded in Silicon Valley in 2005, is a leading fabless company engaged in advanced memory technology and IC solutions. The company had successfully completed the IPO at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high-performance Flash memory and 32-bit general-purpose MCU products. GigaDevice is among the companies that pioneered SPI NOR Flash memory and is currently ranked number three in the world in this market segment, with more than 1 billion units shipped every year.

GigaDevice was looking to localize their English website into Chinese, and for this, they were looking for a localization partner who would be able to carry out this project using the WPML web platform. Being a product company, their website consisted mostly of product and technical information, and it was important that the solutions they are offering were captured correctly in Chinese.

Big Challenges

Handling large volumes of files and their integration

One of the challenges that we faced during this project was the handling of large volumes of files; the total number of files was 3274. Even though the word count was not very high, the number of files that needed to be transferred post-translation to the client WordPress site was very high, and the structure was complicated, which required us to use tools like WPML plugin.

Use of open-source web technology platform - WordPress

The project was to be carried out using the WordPress platforms. WordPress is one of the popular open-source platform used for website localization. GigaDevice provided us access to its existing website so we could translate and localize the website ensuring that the Chinese content is transferred to the appropriate sections on the website. We integrated their website CMS and plugins with our proprietary technology for a seamless localization experience.

Heavy client involvement in the complex review process

GigaDevice had insisted that they wanted to review the localized content page by page, which was a complex activity considering the WordPress web platform being used and its limitations. They had also appointed an agency for developing the website, so we had to work simultaneously with the agency and the client to meet all their requirements and expectations.

How Ulatus Overcame All the Challenges

Ulatus helped GigaDevice overcome regional barriers and present their business to local audiences in a way that those audiences could relate to and identify with.

We managed to meet all client requirements, through some of the key efforts mentioned below:

Smartly integrating large content sets using Language connectors

Considering the huge volumes of files that had to be transferred post-translation to GigaDevice WordPress site, we used the concept of language connector via the WPML Plugin/dashboard. This particular technique was a smart way of exporting the content to our TMS seamlessly and importing it right back. Additionally, it auto-populates the relevant section without any manual intervention. And this approach helped GigaDevice to review the content uploaded without any hassles in quick turnaround time.

Localization handled by linguists with semiconductor technology expertise

Selecting the right linguists with the subject matter expertise in Semiconductor Technology was really critical. Ulatus used its proprietary tool that automatically selects an ideal list of linguists required for the project. The selection is based on a proprietary algorithm built in our project management workflow system, selecting the most highly skilled linguistic team. For this project, we short-listed linguists with expertise in memory technology and IC Solutions.

Thorough language sign off provided by native expert

As there were multiple parties involved in the review process, we wanted to ensure that the translation is of high quality, and all the client feedback is included in the final version. We had an independent, experienced reviewer who provided an additional, comprehensive quality assessment. Immediate feedback was provided, and all the necessary edits were made. Only then the publish-ready Chinese content was auto-uploaded to the client’s WordPress site using WPML plugin.

Making the review process smart and seamless

In order to make the client review process simple and least complicated, we prepared a bilingual document of the website content which we had translated, consisting of a compilation of all the files sent from WordPress. The GigaDevice team reviewed the content, which gave them a good in-context preview of the content, and they recommended certain changes that were incorporated.

GigaDevice had appointed an external vendor who was responsible for developing the new Chinese website. The Ulatus team connected seamlessly with them and executed the localized content within the deadline provided by the website developer.

Solution Summary

  • One stop - end to end website localization service provided
  • Successfully worked on the web platform technology - WordPress
  • Product and Technical information consistency maintained in the native language
  • Seamless project management due to multiple stakeholder involvement

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