A comprehensive linguistic validation service helps you to meet the requirements for successfully clearing the Clinical outcome assessment (COA) by strongly following the FDA and ISPOR procedures. This service also helps you to meet the regulatory agency standards by ensuring reliability, patient data accuracy and content validity of translations. At Ulatus, we ensure that the translated terminologies and concepts are culturally equivalent and adapted according to the regulator’s strict guidelines.

Clinical trials are increasingly being internationalized. Also, the development of instruments is being predominantly in English. Ulatus’ incorporated ISPOR compliant Linguistic Validation and Cognitive Debriefing methodology ensures that your translated COA (Clinical Outcome Assessment) instruments are both conceptually equivalent with the original source and relevant to the new target culture.

Ulatus demonstrates in-depth expertise by ensuring that your instrument conceptually, culturally, and constructively coequal all targeted languages.

Helping You Overcome All Challenges

Inadequate attention given to inputs received from patients, clinicians, regulatory agencies, payers or sponsors, creates needless hurdles.

This could lead to the concept(s) of interest being:

  • Inconsistent with the trial objectives
  • Challenging for interpretation of the clinical trial findings

Ulatus’ linguistic validation team helps to interpret all the content rightfully in order to retain its real meaning and assure consistency. The professional clinicians and healthcare professionals coupled with FDA and ISPOR compliant practices allow us to conduct cognitive interviews. Our explicit objective is to minimize error in measurement of the Concept Of Interest (COI) and achieve clarity in the interpretation of study results when evaluating treatment benefits.

Linguistic Validation Process

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When it comes to localization solutions, Ulatus provides the most efficient structures and equipment to guarantee maximum quality in any project!

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Specialized Subject-Area Matching
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Quality-Driven Technology
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In-House Expertise
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24x7 Dedicated Localization Manager
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ROI-Driven Localization Solutions
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ISO-Certified Processes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get life sciences translation services by an expert?

Discoveries in the field of Life Sciences impact all aspects of life. When sharing findings with a multinational audience, it is crucial that nothing gets “lost in translation.” Ulatus, with an expert team of life science translators, will ensure that your peers receive your message the way it was intended.

Why should I choose Ulatus over another life science translation company?

Whether you intend to publish research results in world-renowned journals, present findings at international conferences and meetings, or develop policies and procedures for corporate and/or public communication, the Life Sciences translators at Ulatus are a perfect choice as they are not only experienced academic translators but also experts in your specific field. Our team will provide faithful representations of original research while making the output suitable for your target audience.

What life sciences regulations do I need to know about?

Life Sciences is one of the most heavily regulated industries and requires timeliness and accuracy in translation delivery. It should work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, or ISO 17100 regulations, which cover translation quality standards and information security. To ensure regulatory compliance, Ulatus has a team of life science specialists with expertise in working with local and international regulatory agencies.

How do I get an exact price for my life sciences translation services?

The best way to get the exact price for your life science translations is to fill up our quotation form. Once you fill & submit it, we will give you a consultation free of cost with no obligations.

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