How On-Demand Interpretation Works for Your Business

On-Demand Interpretation

As businesses decide to globalize, how well they communicate with employees and customers in other regions will be a strong determining factor in their success. To ensure that their communication across languages is seamless, they are seeking the assistance of interpretation services, particularly for situations that require immediate access to an interpreter. Additionally, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous people are still remotely conducting business across borders, fostering their need for on-demand telephone interpreters.

To suit the needs of an increasingly globalized and remotely working world, on-demand interpretation is becoming prominent in many industries, such as education, medical, and legal services. It provides an essential service that resolves immediate issues that would otherwise be hindered by language barriers.

What is On-Demand Interpretation?

Oftentimes, businesses can plan when they will need interpretation services, such as for small meetings, cross-functional training sessions, or large-scale, multilingual conferences. However, there are innumerable situations in which immediate interpretation assistance is required, and those times are  when on-demand interpretation is essential.

To use on-demand interpretation, a client contacts a professional interpretation services provider, downloads the provider’s app, and chooses the required language pair. Next, they connect with an interpreter, who joins the call between the parties and translates the discussion as it occurs.

Utilizing on-demand interpretation services is a cost-effective means to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. Since the service only charges for the time that the client and the interpreter talk, fees can be kept to a minimum. There is no special equipment needed, and clients can access the service through a phone, online site, and mobile app. The on-demand service provides quick and easy access to a trained interpreter at any time during the day or night.

How On-Demand Interpretation Helps Businesses

Businesses in any industry can benefit from using an on-demand interpretation service. The primary advantages of this interpretation method include:

  • Eliminating mistakes. One of the most critical benefits of using on-demand multilingual interpretation services is that doing so can avert major and potentially serious errors from happening. For instance, an on-demand interpreter can help prevent a communication mistake that can cost a patient their life at a hospital when physicians are working to treat them. Additionally, an on-demand interpreter who is assisting during legal proceedings can ensure that miscommunication does not cause a huge mistake that would affect the outcome of the case.
  • Saving money. When errors and misunderstandings are reduced and eliminated, the end result is a tremendous cost savings. Employees will not have to redo their work to correct a mistake, and customers will have fewer reasons to return a product or cancel a service. Simply put, making certain that the work is done correctly from the beginning saves money.
  • Increasing efficiency. Along with saving money, on-demand interpretation services expedite the time it takes to complete tasks and projects. For example, a business might be inclined to record a remote meeting, then contract with a language services provider (LSP) to translate and transcribe the information. On-demand interpretation means that those steps can be eliminated, because the conversation will be translated in real-time.
  • Reaching more customers. When a business decides to globalize, it has to be able to remove language obstacles that stand in the way of attracting new clients. A potential customer will want to fully understand a product or service before making a purchase, so an on-demand interpreter can help both parties be completely aware of their agreement. This understanding will make clients more likely to move forward with the purchase.
  • Ensuring outstanding customer service. Deciding to enter international markets means making a commitment to being able to effectively communicate with customers in their native languages. As soon as a potential client experiences frustration over the inability to be understood, they will likely move on to another company. Having access to on-demand interpreter services means that language barriers can always be overcome, ensuring exceptional customer service.
  • Keeping customers engaged. When clients feel like a company can relate to them, they are more likely to stay engaged with the business. As such, they would be more apt to become repeat customers or share their good experiences with other potential clients. Through on-demand interpretation, customers will feel positive about their interactions with the company, causing them to stay loyal to the business and the brand.

For all businesses that are seeking to attract international customers, on-demand interpretation is a vital service to have readily available. By establishing a relationship with a professional interpretation service, businesses will know immediately who to call when they need interpretation assistance on a moment’s notice. Be prepared for all international communication needs by partnering with an LSP that specializes in on-demand interpretation.


As businesses decide to globalize, their need to effectively communicate with employees and customers in other regions is growing. To suit the needs of an increasingly globalized and remotely working world, on-demand interpretation is providing great benefits to many industries.

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