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  • Leading administrator of development & civilian foreign aid in the US

Leading administrator of development &
civilian foreign aid in the US

Ulatus provided Simultaneous Interpretation service to the client by onboarding the best team of interpreters for this important event, which had 350+ participants from all over the world.

Thank you for following up and thank you for your support on running the event successfully.
I think overall the logistics and execution of working with you, your team and the interpreters were smooth and pleasant. Your team was responsive, responsible and communicative to help both parties set up for success—asking for materials early on and testing dummy emails to ensure they work properly. All very impressive.

Project Summary

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  • Service name: Simultaneous Interpretation (for a live webinar)
  • Language Pair: English - Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Industry: Government
  • Time: 90 minutes

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Our client was an independent agency of the United States federal government, founded by the former US President (John F. Kennedy), that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance. It transforms families, communities, and countries – so they can thrive and prosper.

Ulatus was approached for providing simultaneous interpretation service for a global online webinar event to celebrate the launch of a new policy by their organization.

There were more than 350 participants who were going to join the webinar from around the world and not all understood English. Hence the client wanted us to deliver the message in local native languages.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Staying local - Interpreting the correct message to the people

The webinar organized by the federal agency was related to the launch of a new policy, and there was no room for errors. We had to coordinate with the client before the event and have all the necessary files that would help our interpreters prepare before the event and make sure there is no mistranslation or incorrect message delivered to the audience.

Adapting to new online meeting tools

Due to the pandemic scenario and with no scope of having in-person interactions, there has been an increased demand for conducting online webinars. Due to this, we had to conduct the webinar on a client preferred meeting app, so we had to ensure that there were no technical issues/disturbances from the interpreter's end and the meeting is conducted seamlessly.

Selecting the right interpreters for a live global event

As this project required simultaneous interpretation, which means the interpretation had to be done on a real-time basis without disturbing the speaker, we had to make sure that the best interpreters were brought on board who had the experience of working with Federal agencies and on a live online platform.

Solutions provided by Ulatus to client

Speaking their language - SME and Experienced linguist

This project required us to provide interpretation in 4 languages ‒ Spanish, French, Russian, & Brazilian Portuguese. Our focus here was that by speaking their language will not only receive more attention, it will also be perceived as local and desirable. We wanted to be sure that translators, with their finely honed knowledge of other people's ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling, can help arrive at the right mix of messaging.

As the event duration was 1.5 hours, we had to have 2 interpreters per language for which we had to go through an extensive exercise of identifying the interpreters with the required experience and subject matter expertise. Our team onboarded the right set of linguists who worked on this assignment and ensured they provided top quality service.

Getting ready for the main event

Since the event was to be conducted at a global level, we had to ensure that we were fully prepared and everything goes as per schedule and plan. In order to achieve this, a rehearsal session was planned with all the interpreters, so that any form of issues - technical or general - were taken care of, and we do not face any hurdles on the main day.

The main event was attended by 350+ participants from all over the world and the interpreters did an outstanding job in providing the translation simultaneously in 4 languages. The coordination between the 2 interpreters per language was seamless without any interruptions until the end of the event.

Incessant Communication and effective Project Management were key drivers

As every interpretation project is unique, our team worked closely with the client in understanding all the requirements for the event, which also included their expected budget. We went through all the supporting material with the interpreters and got their doubts clarified. Since the project included multiple languages, the coordination between the client, interpreters and us before the event and during the event was quite seamless, and this ensured that there was no interruption or confusion during the event.

Solution Summary

  • Simultaneous interpretation of a live global event in 4 languages
  • Selecting expert interpreters with the required subject matter expertise
  • Communicating the correct message in the local language to a large audience - 350+ participants
  • Meeting client's expected budget in organizing the interpretation project

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